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   Zach has a gold star on his head.  This morning the bathtub was not drained.  I skipped my shower (take one at work after my ride anyway) and tried to plunge it.  When that didn't work I added some drain cleaner and continued with my morning.  My roomies also tried working at the drain but seemed no one could unblock it.  Xiphos tried a snake but couldn't get it down the drain very far.  So Zach gave it a shot and was able to break the blockage free.  So he got the gold star.  Good job Zach!
Bike Repair Station

Bike Repair Station

   These bike stations are popping up all over Madison along the bike trails.  Seems natural that they would appear in parks (which they have) but I've seen the bike repair stations also be installed by new high end apartments.  I pass a couple on my daily commute.  Never had to use one but it is nice to know they are there.
   In downtown Middleton there is an empty lot with a sign asking people what they want in the space.  Pictured are some of the suggestions.  Strip club for women, Just dragons, a nude beach (note there is no water anywhere near this location), park with dragons, snuggle house and Obama.  I have a feeling we won't be getting any of these.

May 27, 2018

500 miles for May thus far

   Despite the temperature being 95°F/35°C I decided to take a very slow ride this afternoon around Pheasant Branch.  I explored a new trail that runs behind Whittlesey Road.  For now it terminates at a park on a dead end subdivision of streets and it took a bit of searching to figure out how to exit.  Maybe the trail will expand one day.
   This ride completes my 500th mile for the month.  I have several times biked home on the north side of the lakes with trips to Waunakee.  My work-Waunakee-home loop used to be the way I burned 1,500 Calories, but I now only burn about 1,300 Calories for the same ride.  I must have become more efficient.  Nonetheless, my body has been exhausted.  My legs are feeling the added miles, especially in the morning.  On rides they don't bother me but I do feel less push as I near the end of the week.  I have a lot of summer weekend riding I would like to do, but haven't had the motivation to get started.  My body should catch up to the new schedule though.  I've been craving protein rich foods (eggs, yogurt, chicken, protein bars, etc.) and take in a lot of calories.  Interesting how the body seems to adjust appetite based on workload.  I never really paid attention to fitness or my bodies response to it in the past, but now that I am in pretty good fitness I have been noticing how the body communicates its needs.

May 26, 2018

5,500 miles in 12 months

   The seasons have given spring a miss and gone directly to summer.  We got about two weeks of spring and are now in the 90s (32°C).  To think that a month ago we had snow on the ground.  I took a bike ride to the grocery store around 11:00 pm and it was still in the 70s (21°C).  I was enjoying spring and more would have been nice.
   I completed mile number 5,500 for a 12 month span.  I have already ridden over 2,000 miles since January.  There are a few things I have noticed with the warmer temperatures.  Now that I am back to my commuter tires my average speeds have increased dramatically.  In January I was averaging about 11.5 MPH.  In February it was right around 13 MPH.  March was just under 14 MPH.  In April my speeds decreased because of snow cover and my average speeds ranged from 11 MPH to 14 MPH.  In May my speeds have been over 15 MPH on average.  I've noticed my morning ride holding speeds of 19 MPH on typical flat runs with speeds of 25 MPH on slight inclines.
   During my tuneup I had my handle bars replaced.  I've been riding with this new setup for a couple weeks now and I like these handle bars.  They give me more positions I place my hands as I ride which helps my hands not to fatigue.  Sadly the shocks on my front fork have collapsed and probably cannot be repaired.  So I still sit lower than I would like.  Replacements are back-ordered so I can't give a verdict on how I like them long term yet.