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  Working on my new gallery scripts I found I was able to add pictures using the drag-n-drop method so fast that server requests to update the image order were getting backed up. In fact, they could be answered out-of-order. That is no good, since I only want the most recent list of images to be committed to the database. To take care of this, I have the Javascript add a timestamp (in milliseconds) to the request for updating the image order. The server saves the last time a request was serviced. If that time is greater than the time of the new request, the new request is ignored. I send status code 409 to indicate the server has already debt with a newer message. The Javascript actually ignores the error as it doesn’t care if old requests are ignored.
   Pictured is the Punk Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland looked like most punk houses I've been.  I felt quite at home.
   This morning the lights in my sleeping quarters went out.  I thin wire had broken and needed to be resoldered.  The lighting and power outlets have been an issue for some time.  I have a power strip used for a fan and cell phone charger, but it is positioned very awkwardly and the fan often become unplugged and the cellphone cord kept getting closed in the door.  So I decided to rework things a bit. 
   The new layout has the power strip going directly into the junction box, wired to the socket.  The power for the lights so the same.  Now the outlets on the front are free.