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   The week prior to last weekend was spent hauling junk to the dump.  One of the items we had was a large number of wood boards from the old deck.  The spacers used on the wood pile while in the garage were not thick enough.  So I setup my table saw and cut all the 8'x2"x6" boards from the old deck in half, both length and width.  These we used as larger spacer and that worked well.
   Pictured is King Wagon after all the wood was moved, and the main wood slab pile.
   In order to transport the wood slabs to the back yard I knew I would have to remove a section of fence.  The garage door to the back yard is just a standard door, but it also has a 6" step.  There was no way we could get the wood through it even though that would have been the shortest route.  The gate on the fence is only about 3 feet wide, and that wasn't enough either.  So I took down a section of the fence.  My plan is to put it back up with some bolts in case this much room is needed again in the future.
   Xiphos and I started on the second half of the wood moving.  With a level surface in the back yard setup for drying the large wood slabs it was time to move the slabs.  The rest of the household was unable to help and there was no way Xiphos and I could use the techniques we used in the fall to move the wood by ourselves.  So I came up with an idea.  We have a really nice work wagon that can take 1,000 pound loads.  We used it when we moved the wood to the garage in the fall.  The problem is, the wagon is really too small.  So I came up with an idea of how to improve it.  Using some pieces of 2x12 I bolted on the wagon's wheel hardware to make a really large wagon.  This was perfect.  Using just some levers and a roller we were able to transport the large wood slabs to the backyard.  We had one accident.  One of the slabs slid off and it was so heavy and large we decided just to cut it in half rather than try and move it from where it fell.  Otherwise, we got everything moved.

   With today being a fantastic spring day, Xiphos, James and I started on some major spring cleanup operations.  In the late fall we moved slabs of silver maple that was felled earlier in the year into the garage for the winter.  It was too cold to setup an area in the yard for long term drying as this fall was cooler than normal and very wet, and we knew they would have to move come spring.  Well, spring is here and the moving project has begun.  We made a lot of progress.  An area of the yard has been cleared and leveled, and the wood stack has been partly moved.  I had to remove all wood form the cinder blocks it had been sitting so those blocks could move to the yard.  That meant the garage needed to be reorganized after a winter of accumulating junk.  The three of us were able to move the half slabs by ourselves to the backyard.  The larger slabs we just moved a few feet over from the current pile using levels, rollers and as little physical effort as we could. 
   After the blocks were free it was time to level a section of yard.  I got out my transit and showed Xiphos how to use it.  James and I adjusted some paving stones until we had a level setup.  Unfortunately, the pavers we had won't fit the cinder blocks.  They are not expensive and we'll just have to pick some up, but the ground is at least leveled.
   During our work I had a fire going and we burned up a bunch of cardboard and scrap wood that was laying around.  The fire pit has a blower recycled from a dryer that we use to force feed the flames and it consumed wood very quickly.  Afterward we had a very empty fire pit ready for a good gathering of people.
   Productive day, although I will probably be a little sore tomorrow.