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   Built a little tent around my work area in the basement.  Makes heating the area easier.  While my heater could heat the entire basement, it is more energy efficient only to heat the area I use, and only when I'm using it.  I was surprised at how fast my area heats.
Broken Truck

Broken Truck

   I've started roller skating on Saturday nights again.  This week I knew I was going to be sluggish as I rode to/form work two days in a row just before.  During my warm-up I started to notice my left skate acting strange.  At first I thought maybe the wheels were over torqued, but as I started adjusting them I saw that my truck had broken.  The rink had a replacement, but at some point the industry switched from 7 mm to 8 mm axles as the standard.  So I needed four new bearings as well as an axle and truck.  At some point I will have to switch my other trucks and bearings so they match, but my skate was repaired and I returned to the floor. 
   The last time I skated regularly I was burning 2,500 Calories in just shy of 3 hours.  Last week I did that without issue but I was questioning my heart rate monitor because it was showing rates over 190 BPM.  This week I skated an entire song at around 192 BPM.  At my age, this is 107.2% of my maximum heart rate.  This bests my previous noted high rate of 101.6% when I noted I burned 100 Calories in around 5 minutes.  During this song, one of the other skated, a younger tall guy on roller blades was trying to keep up.  He asked me afterwards how I can move so fast.  I don't actually know the answer.  My only thought is that long strides with high torque.  My performance has clearly improved since 2016, but not because I've been skating.
   The one fast song was the only one I really pushed myself for.  I finished the night with 2,238 Calories, far short of the 2,553 I burned last week.  I lost 15 minutes for the broken truck, but mostly it was my fatigue that didn't allow for higher performance.
   I was all alone at breakfast this morning as the usual crowd stayed home sick.  I started my second half of the ride to work at 7:00 am and it was still fairly dark with just some twilight.  Today is the latest sunrise of the season at 7:29 am, and after today it will slowly begin to rise earlier and earlier.  The earliest sunset happens in mid December, while the winter solstices happens in late December.  Always strikes people as odd, but when the sun rises and sets is independent of how long the days are.  In mid December the sun set at 4:22 pm, and it is up to 4:36 pm now.  So I will get back light for my ride home before I get light for my ride into work.  Still, I won't see much sunlight most of my ride to/from work until March.  These are the darkest riding days, and now are coming on the coldest.
   First day back at work since December 20.  I got a lot accomplished with the time off, but I don't feel bad about going back to work for a break.  I arrived at 7:00 am with the sun still down and just a little twilight on the horizon.  I was the first person in the building and it was fairly empty.  Most people took two more vacation days and won't be returning until the the 13th.