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   A very ambitious ride with Pokie and Mira today.  We started at Hometown USA Community Park in Verona and had planned to bike the Military Ridge Trail around 12 miles to Mt. Horeb and back.  It was significantly longer than our previous ride of around 10 miles last week.  The ride started off with Mira having a nearly flat tire.  After filling it with air the ride was completely different and I knew I'd have no problem pulling her the entire way.  The trail starts through Verona going west-south-west, then turns sharply to north-west after passing under highway 18.  Once out of the city it becomes quite pretty as one travels along open county and several small bodies of water.  Just before Klevenville the trail turns south west, but by this point we were about an hour into the ride and people we getting tried.  We would stop periodically for water and rest breaks.  I was pretty sure we would not be able to bike back and recommended that once in Mt. Horeb that I return alone to fetch the van.  Once in Mr. Horeb we tried to find pizza, but due to the pandemic all the pizza places were closed.  So I set out on my own to retrieve the van back in Verona.  Now I didn't have the additional weight of pulling Mira, and I had a tailwind, so me speeds were very fast.  Once the path switched from north-east to south-east I lost my tailwind gains, but my body didn't want to slow down and I held a pretty high heart rate for the remainder of the ride.  I'll be sore in two days for that, but I made the ride just fine.  It took 20 minutes to drive to where I had just come from.  I pointed that out to Pokie as she had actually ridden quite a long way but didn't realize just how far.
   It was a good ride, and next time I plan for a smaller trip.