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   With some assistance I was able to take down the hanging shelve that hung over my main work bench.  It had an off-shoot shelve next to it that hold the network switch, router and single board computers.  That shelve has nothing else supporting that side.  To work around this, I ran twine from the ceiling to hold it up.  There isn't a lot of weight on the shelve and twine was easier than cutting a temporary board.
   Now I have complete access to the north wall.  The first order of business was to remove the remains of some kind of shelving unit and outlets.  When I moved in, one of the standard NEMA 5-15 outlets had been wired for 240 VAC.  It was labelled as such on the outlet, but I have no idea why it was wired that way.  They make outlets specifically for 240 such as the NEMA 6-15 and I might add one myself.  In addition to the outlet being wired to double the normal voltage, it was also fed from two independent breakers.  In such a setup, if one leg tripped, the 240 VAC wouldn't turn off--it would simply lose the neutral and still have 120 VAC to ground.  So that setup had to go.
   My area is now completely run from my own sub-panel.  I had to disconnect the lights from the switch when I rotated the main bench.  So I put a temporary plug on the wires for the lights and just unplug them at the end of the day.  I used one of the boxes I took down as a temporary power box.
   With the wall exposed I can move onto the next step of getting it ready for insulation.  But that will have to wait until next year.
   A lot of work done today moving items.  All my collectibles moved from the shelve above my sleeping quarters/main workbench.  I washed or dusted every item as I moved them.  Once the area was clear I had to disconnect my main bench from the off-shoot that holds my computer.  This would allow me to move the main bench away from the wall.  I also had to disconnect the keyboard tray, the light switch, blower assembly and move a lot of power cords. 
   With the main bench free I tried to move it.  I succeeded in making it move about an inch by anchoring myself against a wall and pushing with my legs.  Clearly I required some assistance and it took 3 people.  We rotated the main bench 90 degrees which provides just under 4 feet of access to the north wall.  I still need to move the shelve, but that will be tomorrow.
   Closet is now finished.  I had to touch up some wall paint as the shelves were initially too tight and scuffed the wall.  Putting this together is no longer trivial.  I wanted to not put screw holes in forward facing items which means more complex mounting. 
   With this shelve finished, I can start moving items into the finished area and work on the clearing off the sleeping quarters and the shelve about it.  There are a lot of items to move, but I need this area cleared off so I can gain access to the north wall.
   The holiday weekend has given me time to work on the basement.  I have the west wall bench and shelves up now.  Next I will work on the closet section.  It is moving slowly as I need to sand, paint and poly all the items.  It is taking longer than expected but progress is being made.
   When I was selecting the colour for my room I wanted it checked against linseed oiled black walnut.  The goal is to trim the room in black walnut or a stained wood similar in colour.  That is sometime out however.  For now, I just need to get the setup finished.