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Andrew Que

Andrew Que, September 2014
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Who am I?

I am Andrew Que. I have been a computer enthusiast the majority of my life. A self-taught programmer I work as a software engineer and write code for embedded systems (i.e. computers that are "inside" something—like your cell phone). I've been writing software since I was 12-year-old and professionally now for over 20 years. My professional career began directly after high school and I worked in the field for 10 years before starting any higher education.

I love computers and have played with them in all kinds of areas: programming, graphics, music, networking, hardware design, etc., etc.

I run—my personal domain, from which I host a variety of websites for myself and friends.

What kind of person am I?

I generally think of myself as a friendly person and try my best to stay open minded. I don't really worry about anything. That is not to say I neglect responsibility, I just don't let issues bother me. I don't yell (unless I'm trying to be obnoxious) and I'll typically give up in an argument when I don't care (which is most of the time). So if you are one of those people who has to win—there, you've won (see, now everyone is happy!). I do talk to random people on the Internet (gasp!) so if you feel inclined to do such a thing, see my contact page.

I don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs (and not 'cuz it's illegal), don't spell too well, and don't drive over the speed limit (no, seriously). However, I don't hold it against anyone who does any of those things as many of my friends do.

What I do/don't and like

I am kind of an odd person, and I like that. I am a non-conformist and I pride myself on doing things I want to do, not doing things because some or most other people do it.

I sleep in a box; philosophize for hours with friend while drinking coffee/tea; read scientific articles— especially when related to the cosmos; read/watch anything on World War II and the Vietnam war; listen to music; recording music; bicycling; roller skate; and drink milk.

I detest sports, name brand close, ads, government, I don't watch TV (or own one), listen to the radio; have no tolerance for bigotry (race, religion, sexual preference, whatever) and I hate it when people don't use their turn signals and forget to turn off lights when they leave a room.

I love people; computers; winter; good conversation; loud music; hugs; getting rowdy; people having a good time; and random acts of kindness.

Andrew Que

Andrew Que, July of 2003

Quick background

I was born in Wisconsin, USA and lived here the majority of my. After I graduated high school I moved into a little one bedroom house with 6 other people, fell in love with the living with a lot of people.

In the late summer of 2001, I moved to Kansas City, Missouri to lived in the basement of a good friend. My idea was to start going to school, and work full-time a contract job I had started. However, I ended up traveling too much for my job which resulted in not being able to attend classes as much as I liked.

The following summer, I returned to Beloit, Wisconsin to live among more people. A group of us rented a 3 1/2 bedroom, two story house with a full basement we called Park Place (as it was on Park Avenue).

In late 2005, the company I was working for began having serious financial trouble. In the following months, I ended up one of the last in a skeleton crew that was the company. Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, I decided to move into the little one bedroom house I owned (and had been renting out).

In the summer of 2006, the company was gone. I decided it was a good time to go ahead fully with my degree. I started school full-time in the fall. Since then, I've been alternating between school and contract.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Ever since I started writing software (so from around age 12) I've wanted to be a computer programmer. When I was 18, I began living out that dream. After 9 years as a professional computer programmer, the company I was working for went under and I've become a full-time student. I hope to get a bachelors in computer science and mathematics, and continuing for a masters in computer science. Afterwords, I will likely be returning to the field of embedded software development—hopefully in a research field, robotics, and/or medical devices.

One day I'd like to make something out of our software company Master Minds' Softwarewith my good friend, Tyson (aka Pluvius).

I'd also like to one day earn a doctorate (and truly be Dr. Que). When I settle down, I would like to adopt a bunch of kids and see if I can't live with several other families in a large house. I want to travel the world, spending some time living in at least one other country. And I like to teach after I have had a whole bunch of experience with computers, working and traveling.

What do I look like?

Really want to see what I look like. Look though my pictures!

I am a dude about 5'10.5" (179 cm) tall and about 145 pounds (65.8 kg). My hair is brown/sand blond, completely shaved in the front, and over 30" (72 cm) in the back. I keep my hair in a tightly bound queue. I typically dress in a dress shirt and blank denim plants. I where military style boots (I don't have regular shoes) and blouse my pants around the top. Why boots? They last a long time; I can tromp through just about anything in them (water, mud); and if they are good enough for all the people in the military, they should work just fine for me.

When it's cool in the spring and fall, I wear a cape. It's an official British policeman's cape I was very surprised to have received one year as a gift. In the winter, I where a long, black leather trench coat. I am also a fan of hats—pork pie and fedoras. I have always liked the styles from the 1920s.

My views

I believe everyone has to decide what's right for their own life. That being said, here are some of my views. Politically, I'm some sort of radical with political views akin to anarchism. I dislike most things about government—especially the idea we somehow need to have one. I'd agree the principal ideas behind the government of my country are preferable to most others currently existing, that doesn't mean it's the best. Therefor, I think more experimentation needs to be done to discoverer alternative systems. Otherwise, how else will we find what will supersede what we know to be a flawed system of government?

I'm a devote atheist, lacking all belief in a deity. I see no proof of a deity, nor a need for one. I think organized religion is dangerous because it encourager's faith over reason. Too often, religion jeopardizes life simply to conform to antiquated ideologies. I don't think it would be a bad thing if theism joined the pages of history with other obsolete doctrine such as the flat Earth, spontaneous generation, and the geocentric model of the universe.

I am polyamorous, meaning I endorse the idea of having more then one intimate relationship at once. I would like to have a "polyfamily" where several people live together and raise our children collectively. I think there are many benefits to kids growing up among many parental figures.

Boring generic info


Andrew Alexander Que

Date of birth

June of 1978


Buy me a drink first, and we'll talk


You'll probably win, I don't run all that fast


5'10.5", give or take an inch (179 cm)


145 lbs (65.8 kg)

Eye color

Hazel—although like many people with hazel eyes, the color sometimes changes with lighting.


Brown in a long queue.

Social security number

Just pick 9 numbers at random—that's what I always do

Yearly income


Job status

Full-time software engineer. If you want to contract me contact bb7. (View résumé)


Atheist and secular humanism

Place of residence

Wyvern's Haunt, Elmwood Park, Park St., Middleton, Wisconsin, Midwest United States, United States of America, North America, Earth, Sol solar system, Local Bubble, Local Interstellar Cloud, Gould Belt, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group galaxy cluster, Virgo Supercluster, observable universe, universe, multiverse.

Sexual preference

Unfortunately, I'm heterosexual. Oh well, no one is perfect.
Random trivia

Favorite foods

Italian, Asian, and Indian

Favorite music

Electronic, punk, and classical

Favorite color


Favorite animal

Blue Whale (pictures | facts)

Favorite land animal

Koala (picture | facts)

Favorite fantasy creature

Fire Dragon (bet you couldn't have guessed ;)

My vehicle

2004 tan Toyota Corolla named Eve Liberty

Languages I know

C/C++, Pascal, x86/PPC/ARM/Atmel assembly, Python, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, SQL, XHTML/HTML, CSS, ladder logic

Languages I can read

Basic (all forms), Java, Fortran, COBOL, Ada, various assemblies and most English.

My geekcode

GCS d---(+) s: a? C+++ UL+++ P+++ L++>++++ E---- W+++ N-@ o? K w--- O M-(+) V? PS+++ PE Y++ PGP+++ t- 5? X-- R(++) !tv b++>+++ DI++ D++>++++ G e>+++++ h++ r->++ z**

I So, there you have it... hope that answered all the questions you had about who I was...

Enjoy the site!
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