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My Hair:

Here's an other question I get a lot... "What the heck happened to your hair?"
Nothing happened to it—I have lots of hair. People are probably wondering why my hair is styled as it is (or just trying to be rude). So, here's everything you ever wanted to know.

Andrew Que, July 2, 2003
My hair braided, August 2, 2003
August 2, 2003
My hair braided, September 1, 2005


The front half of my head is kept clean shaved, and the back is allowed to grow out long in a style I conceived myself.

I thought the style up in the winter of 1996 and cut my hair like that summer. Originally, my 'tail' was a small patch in the very back of my head I allowed to grow out. However, it was too small and didn't provide the 'tail' I was looking for. So in June of 2001, I began to allow the entire back side of my head to grow out. The defining boundary is that my hair should not be visible from the front when pulled back. It was an other year before I started to see the results I was looking for—when my hair started getting long. Presently, when pulled back into a tail, my hair measures a tail about 12" long.

My hair style is quite similar to a style known as a "queue" worn by the Chinese people at the time of the Qing Dynasty. There are differences however, and I typically do not where it braided.

But why?

Why do I cut my hair like this? Because I like it :). It's fairly unique in that most people (or most Americans— hard to speak for the rest of the world) don't do this. I thought this hair style up in the winter of 1996, and that summer, implemented my idea. Latter I learned of the Chinese hair style similar to that which I have mine.

It's a tinny protest. My hair is a non-offensive way to display to the world that something different exists. That I am different. It is my hope that people will see past differences in each—we are all unique and our differences don't make us any better or worse, just different. So, for those who won't approach me because of my strange hair, it probably for the best anyway. And those who are curious and do talk to me, those are the people who I find interesting. I can say I have long hair and no hair at the same time.


My hair does actually require a lot of upkeep. I have to shave it daily. I use to use an electric razor and switched to disposable razors about a year ago. I think I'm going to go back to electric. The only problem is, the blades go dull very fast with electric razors because of the amount of thick hair I have to cut on a daily basis.

Now that my hair is really started to get long, it requires a good deal grooming. I keep it pulled back when I sleep to avoid getting it tangled. I've done some research about keeping my hair healthy—trying different. shampoos and washing patterns. Most of my research has been talking to women who have been a great resource when it comes to hair. It's something you don't appreciate until you have concerns and it was really weird the first time I found myself in a conversation about hair care with someone. Prior to discovering my hair was really starting to grow out, I never care much about it, how it looked or how to keep it up. Then about a 10 months ago (this was written May of 2003), I realized my hair was starting to look like I wanted it.

Don't you get made fun of?

Sure. But I'm some strange mix of computer-geek and punk rocker. Turning heads is what I do—and I do it on purpose. I don't expect to look different and not get comments. Some people don't like things that are different, or see putting down something different as a way to show some sort of superiority. But these people just don't understand. The right to be different is one of our freedoms as people—to define ourselves how we want. Those that forget this often are very shallow and this kind of thinking leads to things such as bigotry, racism and predigests. I feel bad for people who live closed lives—they miss out on the world as a whole and forget we are just one generation of thousands of people that are and will come to be. I guess I think you should embrace it, what and who we are—our history as people, as animals, as existence in the universe. We're so small in the universe, why pick at something like someone's haircut?

Is it worth all the work?

Yes! To me it is. I love my hair the way it is and I have a small amount of pride in it. My hair style is something I created with an image in my head, and now is a reality. It has taken me awhile, but I am pleased with the results.

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