This site is no longer updated
For historical reason, this site remains visible, but this site has been inactive for well over a year.

Welcome to
The Dragon's Lair

   The Dragon's Lair is home to a the server array that makes up DrQue.Net.  The Dragon's Lair is located in a dark, quiet basement corner.  The area, otherwise damp and dusty, has been transformed into an office and server array. 
    Since June of 2002, I haven't lived at this locations, and the Dragon's Lair has since moved.  The new location is in my Park Place residence and new page dedicated to the server array are located here.  I keep this page up out of nostalgia.

Systems of the server array
More than you ever wanted to know about the many computers that make up our server array

The Dragon's Lair images
Pictures and layout of the Dragon's Lair

Who we are!