How to Play

Columns is a puzzle game similar to Tetris. The object is to line up three colors, either horizontally, vertically or diagnolly. This will result in those blocks being removed.

Click "Start" to begin the game. Use the arrow keys to move falling piece around. Use the space bar to rotate the order of the pieces.

There two modes in which to run the game: standard and breakout. In standard mode, the object is to score as many columns as you can for as long as you can. Falling speed incresses over time, making this more and more difficult. In breakout mode, the object is to work the pile down to the flashing block. You win by "breaking out" the flashing block. It's a run against time.

There are two other configuration values that can be changed. First is height. This is the initial height of the pile when the game starts. This is most useful in breakout mode since the higher the pile, the harder the game. The second value is Pieces. This is the number of colors the blocks can have. The more colors, the harder.


JavaScript Columns is a rough clone of the 1991 Sega Game Gear game Columns.


JavaScript Columns is is free, open-source software released under the GNU license.

Feel free to use columns on your own website.


This version of Columns was written by Andrew Que