This is a Perl script used with ImageMagick and Image::Size to convert a directory (or directories) of images to thumbnails.

This thumbnail script is multi-threaded to take advantage of multi-processor and dual-core/multi-core computers. This is useful because thumbnail creation can sometimes take quite awhile if there are a large number of images to be converted.

This script will preserve the entire directory structure with one addition: each directory will have additional sub-directories for each thumbnail size.


Resulting directory structure (with thumb nail sizes of 150x150 and 600x600):


This is just a Perl script, but it requires that both ImageMagick be installed and in the system path and the Perl library Image::Size also be installed. On modern Linux systems, these items are often installed already.


There are just a few setup items in order for this script to function:

Root location where images to be converted to thumbnail resides
Root location where thumbnail images will be created
List of what thumbnail sizes are desired, specified width x height
List of what thumbnail sizes will retain EXIF data
Regular expression for what file extentions should be converted.
Number of threads used to do conversions. This should be set to the number of CPUs or total cores in the computer to take full advantage of the system's processing power.




This Perl thumbnail script is is free, open-source software released under the GNU license.


This version of Columns was written by Andrew Que