cUtilities is a small collection of simple data utilities I have developed over the years. I have used them often when doing analysis on data sets from embedded devices, or for doing simulations. Others may find the tools useful as well.

Tools include:


Archives signed by Andrew Que. Keys are generated yearly and can be found on the MIT PGP Public Key Server by doing a search for Andrew Que. They can also be downloaded directly from DrQue.net.

Version 1.0

Released January 7, 2017.

Source code

Source SHA256: fe31b3738d05f943c9e920c58ea2bc6120c5ce9172509de94ea808789fdc7f43

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cUtilites is free, open-source software released under the MIT license.


cUtilites is written and maintained by Andrew Que. To get in touch with Andrew Que, visit his contact page.