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   I had planned on working on the floor today, but once everyone started working on the backyard I ran out of time.  So much for multitasking.  We got the fence put back up and went about securing it in places it looked weak.  It will likely need to be replaced but until that happens we want it shored up the best it can.
   A group of us from Elmwood Park helped my coworker Joel with his yearly prairie burn.  Zach, James, Neil, and I received various fire controlling implements and made sure the 35 acres land we meant to burn was limited to that land.  The fire jumped over the fire land in two places.  One I knocked out within seconds, but the other took a few of us to tame.  It was actually a lot of fun.  I had a 5 gallon backpack of water and I got rid of 10 gallons during the burn.  Like an idiot I forgot my camera, so I have no picture of the burn.
   Picture from a 1918 ad for a trench coat.  They actually earned their name from their use in the trenches of The Great War (World War I) and came into fashion after the war ended in November of 1918.  To think that was 100 years ago, and our Elmwood Park was around 8-years-old.
   We got a surprising amount of snow last night and I actually fired up the snowblower to clear the sidewalks.  Weather said 7" (17 cm) was reported in Middleton.  The trees are quite pretty as a result.  I guess nature is trying to make up for us not having a white Christmas.  However, I'm probably the only person who liked the snow.
   Happy spring!  Not only did we get snow the other day, but the winds decided to take out a section of our fence.  This late in the season the snow will not last and we should be able to start work on the yard this weekend.  Guess we need to add putting the fence back up to the list of things-to-do.
   The dust has not yet settled but the floor sanding is complete.  I have a couple of gaps to plug.  For that I need some wood glue and sawdust.  Well, turns out I have plenty of sawdust.  I am out of time this weekend so the finishing will have to continue next weekend.