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   Tonight the house has turned into a tent and become a wasteland oasis for our annual post-apoptotic party.  Had a alright turnout of people who came and went throughout the night and everyone had a pretty good time.  People's customs were not quite as good as last year's but we had a few who dressed up.

March 15, 2017 downtime

   On Friday the Micro-Dragon was shutdown for the first time in 358 days as Zen had to do Internet maintenance.  Unfortunately, it didn't start back up.  We tried some troubleshoot during the afternoon but it looks like the hard drive died and without a replacement it will stay down.  So over the weekend I setup a Raspberry Pi to take over.  I had been backing up settings daily using a cron job, so it didn't take long at all before I had a configured device.  On Monday Zen get the Pi connected and the DNS and e-mail are back to being functional.
   Although not much slower than the Intel Atom it replaced, the Pi is noticeably slower.  So I am going to look into other single board computer options. 
   Big shout out to Zen for taking the time to trouble shoot this problem with me over the phone and IM.  Zen has been's DNS home for years and it makes life very easy.  Thanks Zen!!