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   I completed mudding this weekend.  It isn't very good, but I have to move on and good enough will have to suffice.  I put the first coat of primer on today, and the wall looks better than I had expected.  Up close my mistakes are not too hard to see, but from a distance it looks decent.  I also tested the base paint colour I plan on using on a piece of scrap drywall.  I am satisfied with the results.  It looks good next to oiled black walnut and so tomorrow it is time for paint.
   There has been a request for another social distancing fire this weekend.  Last weekend we had one, but the wood was too damp to get a good fire going.  It just wanted to smoke and smoulder.  So I bought a batch of wood in from outside and turned the oven into a kiln.  A couple hours at 350°F had the wood nice and dry.  Wood starts to burn around 500°F so I wanted to stay below that.  Despite this I had one log start to smoulder.  It was sitting close to the edge where there must have been a hot spot.  After that I didn't have any more trouble.
   Drying the wood makes the house smell great.  Can't exactly place the smell but it has a strong hint of vanilla.
   This is a closeup of the gas connection.  The plastic housing for the connection isn't very ridged, so I used a couple lengths of 2x4 to make something I could secure the gas line to.  I don't want it able to flex while I put on and remove the gas line.  This setup did the trick and nothing moves now.
   My first round of mudding.  I rewatched the instructional videos and set off to try things myself.  Things went alright, although as I expected I had none of the flair for the techniques I was trying to mimic.  Still I ended up with a lot cleaner results than I had expected.  Time for things to dry and we'll see how I did.
   South wall drywall hung.  I bought a bit for my high-speed rotary tool that is supposed to make cutting out boxes in drywall easy.  I had no such luck and it made quite the mess.  Nothing I can fix but during mudding, but I was hoping for better results.  On the left side of the wall is an open area.  I'm using this area as a coat closet and will likely frame it in a little better.  The sub-panel will get some kind of trim and a door.