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   I've been watching this large pipe get assembled along Locust Drive on my ride to/from work.  I'm not exactly sure what it is doing.  It is buried when going under roads and driveways but otherwise sits above ground.  That has me believe that this is either temporary or will be buried at a later date.  Guess I will find out as the project goes on.
   Although the temperature was just under 90 °F (32 °C) the humidity was under 40% and there was a pretty good wind.  I decided I really wanted a big dinner and to do that I needed to burn off 1500 Calories.  The ride was hot and not very fast but did the tick. 
   This is my work laptop.  The fan had started to make a grinding noise.  We had another exact laptop at our company that did the same thing.  First the fan rattled, then the CPU overheated and the computer started crashing randomly.  Found it in the free bin during our last cleaning cycle, but aside from being parts, it is useless.  When I heard the fan failing, I put a replacement on order.  Since it is an old laptop (I got it used in 2014) I would have to wait about a month for the fan.  In the mean time I have been using a small personal fan to assist in removing heat from the device.  The replacement fan arrived on Thursday, and Friday morning I got to work swapping it out. 
   For this computer, the entire heatsink assembly for the CPU, video card and chipset must be removed.  The fan screws into the underside of this assembly.  It isn't a difficult task but does require replacing heatsink compound.  Despite this mechanical failure this laptop has been pretty reliable.  The fan is the only moving part that is still used.  The hard drive has been replaced with a SSD and I don't think I've ever used the CD-ROM.
   A couple of brave Sandhill Cranes walked within feet of me.  They were walking down the road as I was biking into work just before the large hill of Edgewood Ave leading to Vilas Park.  I stopped to get a picture and they proceeded to approach, making their way into the gates of Edgewood Collage.  A lady taking her morning walk stopped to watch from the other direction and afterward just said "What a fine morning".