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    For my return trip, the heat fan speed select on my dash fell apart.  So while I now had heat in my truck, there was no way of selecting how fast to blow it into the cab :(  Oh well, maybe I can build someone else a website for Craig ;)
    My Vinny cat sitting in the window.
    As usual, I travel in the evening on x-mass day.  It was nice to have heat in my truck again, thanks to Craig.  My heat stopped working at some point last year and travel was rather uncomfortable.  I had suspected my heat exchange was clogged and thought maybe a radiator flush might help.  Craig--our local expert on vehicles of all sort--and I used the barter system.  He flushed my radiator and got my heat working and I built a web site for his boss.  And life is good :)
    Noah's vehicle
    Self portrait.  At the party on Saturday, Wendy braided my hair.  It was one of the tightest and best braids I've had in my hair and when I took it down, it did this.  I thought it looked neat.

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From Wendy

December 31, 2007 at 2:05 AM

aww thanks :)
    An other random shot out my front window.  This was a bit of an experiment with balance.  The line in the center turns the image into a triangle--the base of the image has information spread evenly across it and the top at just the center.
    I spent pretty much the entire day running around doing work on my truck.  All four tires were leaking air.  One had a hole in it that I could hear leaking.  An other was bald and I had it replaced.  The front two tries both had bad seals and I had to keep adding air every morning.  Hopefully I'm done with that.  After the tires were finished, I had an oil change and my truck is good to go.
    This image today is taken out the window in my front door.


    Physics exam today and I didn't do very well.  I'm rather disappointed in myself--I've been working quite hard all semester to tackle this subject.  The homework and labs I usually do quite well.  Most of my homework receives 100% and my labs around 90%.  My exams, on the other hand, I've been getting D's.  I think it's because we're not allowed to make a notecard or have any reference material during tests.  It is my belief that isn't realistic.  On top of that, we fly through topics, you never have time to get comfortable with the subject matter.  As a result of this class, I've decided I will finish physics at some other school.


    Finished reading the Old Testament today. After Ezekiel, the last 13 books were much shorter. In total, I've spent 56 hours reading this book and have an other 18 1/2 required to finish the New Testament. My reading will continue over the holidays and hopefully I can complete the Bible by the new year.
    The last few books of the old testament did talk about the end of the world and I did pick up hints in Zechariah about the coming of Jesus--in particular, there's mention of this person riding on a Donkey. In general, however, the last few books seem to concentrate on God being upset with the Israelites for turning against him and a good deal of the text deals with this subject.
    This is a loaf of whole-wheat honey sourdough bread.  The braid pattern I saw on someone else's website and thought "I could do that".  Crystal has a connection for honey, so I bought an entire gallon for projects like this one--and it is good.