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   The flood waters have dropped below 12 feet, putting us under the 12.2 feet "major flood stage" level.  We offiously enter the flood stage at 9 feet, which is between the 2 and 5 year flood flood stage.  We broke 9 feet on June 9th--26 days ago.  Durring that time, the river has moved almost 200 billion gallons of water at an average rate of 7.4 billion gallons a day or 20 million gallons every 15 minutes.  At 8.33 pounds/gallon, that means every 15 minutes, 86,000 tons of water goes by and since the start of the flood, 807 million tons of water.  That's a lot of water :)
   The highest flow rate of the Rock River where we are was during it's crest, hitting 105,000 gallons every second.  By comparison, the Nile River, on average, discharges 750,000 gallons a second; the Mississippi River 3.4 million gallons/second and the Amazon River 58 million gallons/second.
    Pictured is the stage at practice this evening.  Tonight we blocked out act II of the play.  I have a nice list of things to do once I have time to spend in the theater.  I picked up the theater key at break during my English class, so I just need to schedule some time.