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Scoop's Dragons

Scoop's Dragons

   This painting was made for me in 2005 and I really like it (being the dragon fan that I am).  So I decided it needed a frame.  With the colors in the image I didn't think a natural wood color would work very well.  I have been told poplar wood paints well, and I hadn't worked with it before.  So I decided for this frame I would give it a shot. 
   A custom frame was really my only option here as the dimensions are unusual.  I looked at several options for paint.  I had first considered using a green wood stain/dye, but my favorite home improvement store didn't actually carry the color I wanted.  So I selected a spray paint that had an interesting finish.  The frame went together very quickly.  After a through sanding I put together my paint booth and covered the frame in two passes.  If I had been able to rotate the frame without touching the fresh paint I could have done it in one pass.  But two passes worked fine. 
   The results I am pretty happy with.  The paint went on quite even and has a nice texture about it--just like it appeared on the can.  So, spray painted frames are a working option.