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   This is the Thermopolis Specimen—an Archaeopteryx—a transitional species between feathered dinosaurs and modern birds.  It has the best-preserved head and feet of any Archaeopteryx fossil yet found.  There is amazing detail preserved in this fossil, and I had seen pictures of this specimen before.  And there is was, right in front of me.  150 million years old.  How cool is that?!
Xiphos' forge

Xiphos' forge

   Xiphos' forge.  It is made from an old charcoal grill, a break drum, some metal pipe, and a hair drier.  The hair drier is just used to blow air into the metal pipe, which then fans the fire.  The setup works well, but is a little shallow to heat anything but the tips of the rods he was using.  That will be taken care of with the next iteration.