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   Work on the free library continues.  With how well the porch roof turned out I decided to redo the main roof.  I was wondering how I would get it apart, but a stiff pressure broke the glue cleanly.  With the belt sander I beveled the edges of the main roof and was able to get a much better fit.  I glued this up and used my picture frame clamp to hold the shape while the glue dries.
   I also removed the front door of to work on the siding separately.  When I first attached the door it end up not lining up correctly because it was sitting on the floor.  So I need to reattach the hinges to correct this problem.  The siding on the front moves slowly.  I started by doing the siding around the porch, then added trim around where the porch roof is expected to meet up.  Next I will add the siding for the rest of the front wall, but with other projects this has been holding for a bit.
Zach and Free Library

Zach and Free Library

   One thing I did not do that I should have was pre-sand the the siding.  The project was already so behind schedule that I figured getting the siding installed was more important than getting all the steps in the right order.  So some post-hoc sanding is required.  Zach got to work sanding one of the finished sides while I worked on installing siding on an unfinished side.  It was nice to have the help and company.
Porch roof waiting for glue to dry.

Porch roof waiting for glue to dry.

   Today I measured out and cut the porch roof.  The angles make the task of gluing the pieces together difficult, but I found a trick that worked out pretty well. After getting the pieces cut I used the belt sander to angle the edges.  I taped the seams and then applied glue to the center.  This seems to work pretty well and I may have to consider redoing the main roof using this method.
   Zach and I worked on the free library for a couple hours tonight.  I finished about half the siding on the 3rd side of the house and Zach worked on sanding out saw marks. Before the light of the day was completely gone I turned an other pine board into 1/16" strips as I was down to 3 strips left.  I'm not sure why but in the beginning I was having a lot of trouble keeping the board tight against the fence.  So a few of the initial strips have thin spots I'm going to have to work around.  I had to use the wood planer and since the garage is full of lighting gear I decided to open the garage door and throw the chips into the driveway.  They almost made it to the sidewalk.  Xiphos initially thought it was snow until he remember that December forgot to be December and we didn't have any.  I should now have enough siding strips to finish the house.
   Picture is a closeup I took in the morning hours of the two finished sides.  The siding is quite convincing and I think with the trim it works well.

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From Amadameus

December 30, 2014 at 5:13 PM

That looks amazing! Slatted wood looks kickass.