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August 01, 2003

Stats of the month of July

    Statistics for the month of July are in with a grand total of 145,211 hits for the month. daily averages

    Our busyest day last month was the 28th where we received 11,438 hits.  On the 20th, we sent out 957,045,760 bytes.

Have a look at the graphs

July 31, 2003 goes back to Zen's network

    The Garage Crowd site's host computer gets replacement hardware and goes back on-line at it's permanent location in Zen's shop.  It was a very easy change over.  The index page on our temporary computer (the Azure dragon) was replaced with a changeover message, the dynamic data copied via FTP and the DNS record changed.  Within minutes, the processes was finished and Zen had his sites back on-line and on his systems.
    Zen commented it was the easiest hardware change he ever did.  And the efficiency at which the change over was done was very nice.  Good work Zen!
    What kind of traffic increase did network see for hosting the Garage Crowd site?  On the 29th, instead of our average 4,300 hits per day we typically receive, we hit over 11,400 and the 28th we received 7,500.  Our 3rd highest hitting day was the 2nd of the month where we received over 6,600.  So yes, the Garage Crowd site brought in quite a bit of traffic.
    This was a fun test-- seeing how fast we can change over a pretty active dynamic website to different hardware and back again.  I think we faired very well and learned a lot.

July 27, 2003

Our sister site,, is down

    The Garage Crowd site's host computer failed sometime this afternoon.  Zen and I went to his work shop to investigate why the site wasn't responding.  After determining the crash was hardware related and the host computer would not function, we returned to Park Place.  In a controlled rush, I put the Garage Crowd site's hard drive into the Azure dragon while Zen began changing over the DNS records.  Soon, the Garage Crowd site was up and running-- despite it being designed for a non-Linux OS. will host the Garage Crowd site as long as needed, until Zen and I figure out what hardware needs to be replaced on the broken computer.

July 15, 2003

Our sister site,, was down was down for a while.  Zen, the system administrator, was out of town and it took some time to get a hold of him.  Once he was reached, he was able to call someone and have them bring the server back up.  But, for those of you who couldn't get on in the morning-- that's why.

July 11, 2003

Fantasy and space art move to photos

    The photo's page takes on the fantasy and space art previously hosted at  Since there is so little on that site, I've decided to take the put the image on that page on

July 10, 2003

Photo gallery script good enough for beta

    After development of forever and a day, the photo gallery script is complete enough to reach it's beta state.  This script runs the photo's page as well as the photo galleries at Drink'n Drano and The Garage.  It still has some areas that need work, but all the base functionality is there.

July 01, 2003

130,774 hits for June daily averages

    The  24 of June was the day we broke 100,000 hits, and by the end of June we received over 130,000. 

Have a look at the graphs

   So what happened  during the month of June that resulted in such as massive growth?  There are a couple of things.  Probably the biggest is our parallel efforts with Zen and the GarageCrowd site-- a sister site of the Garage site.  Zen has made a terrific site and draws a lot of regular visitors.  Our conglomerate ring of sites includes the Garage Crowd, The Garage and Drink'n Drano that probably accounts for 50% of the traffic we receive.  Crystal's site, Drink'n Drano, has attracted a lot of traffic from the Garage Crowd site.  A close second would have to be the Kings Quest walkthrough site, taking hits from all over the world.
    What's coming up for the month of July?  Well, I hope to finish the long in the working image gallery script.  It is currently running the pictures page for, but it has a lot of work needed still.  We'll also continue to add to the pictures page for  They are growing fast already since I started riding bike almost daily now.  Crystal will also continue adding to her site Drink'n Drano.  And we have to start on and  Some options are being explored, including some PHP based systems, but more as we explore that.

June 25, 2003

Loss of power at Park Place

    Around 6:00pm today, we lost power for a good 20 minutes, but continued to serve webpages.  The UPS had no problem delivering power though the downtime caused by the electrical storm outside.  Due to the temperature outside, the Black Dragon was taken off-line for the power outage since the air conditioner was unable to run.  The Dragon's Den really gets warm quickly in the summer without air conditioning.

June 24, 2003 breaks 100,000 hits in a single month

    At noon today, we broke 100,000 hits for the month of June.  An average of 4,000 hits a day is more hits per day than in the month of July of last year.  We've grown some :)