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? The storm on the 26th rolled in durring the day.? Heat lightning flashed very quickly on the horisian.? In total, I took over 1000 frames to capture the 12 frames summed together in this image.? However, I'm rather disapointed in the end result
Taken out a dirty window and turned sepia.. almost looks like a very old photo. The drive-in restaurant in the picture closed down about 2 years ago, having only been open about a year and a half.

June 17, 2005

Duel Blue Screen of Death

The Red-Dragon crashed in the afternoon and refused to restart. Each time it began to start, it would bring die with two blue screens of death. It took several hours to trouble shoot, but it turned out the program \"verify\" was responsible. After it was disabled, the system began to start as normal. We still have no idea what file was/is failing the verify test-- the program is so useful, it tells you nothing!