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   A birch tree and it's yellow leaves, taken last Wednesday.
   Currently, it is raining outside, and I've been hearing thunder from time to time.  That's a little strange for a cool November day as lightning typically happens in warming weather.
   A fiery red tree showing it's fall color.
   Originally, we were going to go on a bike-ride since the afternoon was perfect.  However, I had a flat.  I decided to take my bike into the shop, since I discovered the reason why I flew over the handlebars the 17th of last month (one of my ribs is still sore).  Whoever assembled the bike put the break line through the front fork, which has shocks.  When the shocks are fully depressed, the cable hits the tire.  Since the tire has large knobs (it's a mountain bike tire), the cable can grab the tire and stop it.  At the shop they secured the break-line better so it wouldn't be able to hit the tire.  Should prevent that sort of accident again.
   Unfortunately, the sun had ducked behind clouds by the time I finished at the bike-shop, and remained there through sunset.  So no shots today.  It's too bad, since the next two days are going to be rainy and I travel to Pennsylvania early Monday morning.  This was my last chance for a fall color bike ride until next year.
   IP change last night, which meant about 4 hours of downtime.  This is only time number 4 since we got TDS DSL in the summer of 2001.
   Our bike ride today was just over 19 miles, and the fall color magnificent.  We shoot 602 pictures and proofed 16.  Color is defiantly at it's peak.
   Happy birthday Amanda!
   So October is over, but no statistics because we are still running on the backup server... just haven't had the time to look at it.
   Our picture today is a strange mix of some of the first photos we ever took with a digital SLR.
   For whatever reason, our consoles non-linux OS seems to forget to run scheduled tasks.  When this happens, one has to go into the properties of each task and re-type the administrator password.  Seems to happen every few months.
   Our program driver of 16 GB is down to 797 MB free.  Seems our set of installed programs has grown rather bloated.  Looks like I'm going to have to uninstall some of the older version of OpenOffice and possibly ax Celestia.
   Congratulation to Dave and Frankie Guernsey who were married today.  Tazz, Crystal and I attacked the photography end, and I closed out the day with 565 picture taken.  After a couple of hours, I proofed 124 of those.