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February 19, 2006

0.7 degrees

It\'s cold outside

It\'s cold outside

   As the picture shows, it\'s cold outside.  Winter has been my favorite time of year for about 10 years.  I recall living in South Carolina when I was still going to high school.  In January, while waiting for the bus, people would say \"It\'s freezing out here\".  And I thought to myself, \"It\'s 50 degrees.  How could it posibally be freezing out?!\"  Now, 0.7 degrees outside— that\'s freezing out :)
   I spent a good deal of time working on our web version of the game Risk.  While it has likely been done, the purpose of making our own version is to develop a game that already has set rules for the purpose so we can develop a user interface.
Andrew Que, 2/17/2006

Andrew Que, 2/17/2006

   In yesterday\'s photo shoot, I roll my 20D over again-- so it has now taken more then 20,000 pictures.  This brings my total number of shots to 32,044 in just under two years.  There were taken on 411 different days.  The originals consume 83.5 gigs of space, and there are three copies of them all.  There are 3,027 proofs spanning 10.9 gigs of space, and there are also 3 copies of these.  In addition, each proof is on in 6 sizes.
   Since I\'m on a numbers kick, the total size of all public data on is 8.41 gig.  Of this, the top 10 sites make up 95% of the space (8 gigs).  The root of consumes 2.95 gig (35% of the total space).  Of that, 2.89 gigs (98%) are in the gallery.  There is a total of 1,248 gigs of storage on-line on my network and at least an other 275 gigs that are not.  Of the on-line storage, 970 gigs are used (77.75%).  Total RAID (2x RAID-1 arrays and 1x RAID 5) storage is 1,101 gigs, of which 909 gigs (82.56%) are used.  Tera, our primary 1 terabyte drive has a usable capacity of 932 gigs, 810 (86.92%) of which are used.  All capacity values are in \"usable space\".
   Pictured is me, bundled up and standing next my bike in the Turtle Creek floodplain.  The temperature is this point is around 20-25 degree F (-6.7 to -3.9 C) with winds of 10-20 MPH.  To keep warm, I had on two pairs of socks, sweat pants under my genes, a t-shirt, sweat shirt, hoody, winter coat, scarf, hat and leather gloves.  It takes about 5 minutes to get suited up in all this, but did keep me fairly warm throughout the ride.

February 17, 2006 goes XHTML

Cold Tracks

Cold Tracks

   Spent the morning updating the root site of to XHTML 1.0 compliance.  Most of the pages are now compliant.  Lucky for me, Dreamweaver took care of most of my issues-- the biggest being changing the case of tags.  I had used uppercase tags in order to differentiate HTML codes from text.  XHTML wants everything lowercase.  Dreamweaver also added the trailing \"/\" to input, img, hr and other single line tags. I can\'t give Dreamweaver too much credit though.  It still allowed for tag attributes that no longer exist.  In tables, I often use \"background=\".  That had to be replaced with \'style=\"style=\"background-image: url(...)\'.  All images need \"alt\" attributes.  The \"cols\" attribute in a table no longer exists.  \"CENTER\" is gone, replaced with \'div align=\"center\"\'.
   While I was at it, I made the site non-size specific.  The main table use to be forced 720x625.  While the height could change, the width never did.  The main table now fits itself to the window.  I also removed the intro page.  I had debated this to myself for a long time, and finially decided there wasn\'t any reason to have it any longer.
   Today was quite cold.  In the sun, the temperature got into the mid 20ies, but the wind made it feel much colder.  None the less, it was a bight day and I felt a bike ride would yield some good shots.  I rode 4 1/2 in around 35 minutes, mostly along my trail set on the west shore of the Turtle Creek floodplain.  I took 192 shots, proofing 26.  It was so cold my water bottles froze in just over 1/2 hour!  
   Pictured are slow covered railroad tracks right at the entrance I typically use to the floodplain.
   Originally I was to spend the day taking furniture to the dump.  However, we were hit by storm of freezing rain, snow and strong winds.  So, I spent the day updating my resum?.
   Pictured is the intersection of White and Woodward Avenue at dusk.  It is a mix of two 15 second exposures.
   Met with Zen, Amy J, Andy, StaAck, Jimjim and Rosey about the game.  After about half the way into the meeting, we decided the game was still too undefined.  We branched the projected: one part for designing \"the game\", and the other part to start with writing a board game.  The idea was to start with something that had with pre-define rules; something with a specification that someone else already put-forth.  Then turn this into a web-based application and see how the project faired.  From there, we can see what strengths and weaknesses the group has and decide how to proceed with \"the game\" based on this experience.  It also allows us to test an AJAX interface.  If we end up hating it, we can try something else for the main project without having to rewrite everything.
   All my work today was on the dojo AJAX toolkit.  I did a large overhaul of the slide-show example.  So far, I don\'t like the template thing in dojo-- as I understand it, you have to have an HTML template for objects, define in a remote file.  That\'s not a bad idea for objects that can have several instances, but a big much for objects that only ever have a single instance.  It also appears you can not make XHTML compliant code with dojo, since it uses extended tag codes to initialize the AJAX objects.  There might be a way around this, but I don\'t yet know of it.
   Pictured is Portland Avenue bridge over the Rock River in Beloit, WI.
   A much longer bike ride today.. 9 1/4 miles in around an hour.  Didn\'t do much shooting as I was looking more just to enjoy a simi-long bike ride.  It was quite warm for February, around 57 degrees when I started my ride.  Most of my exploration was on the west-north-west side of Beloit.  I found a set of trails back around the Christilla Heights area.  It was clear they were primarily 4-wheeler trails and my tires were completely covered in mud shortly after my ride on them began.  I basically had no steering control as all the knobs on my mountain bike tires were completely coated with mud.  None the less, I rode them for a good distance.
   This picture I took because I liked the shadows from the setting sun on the house.  
   The temperature got into the 40ies today, and I felt the need to take a bike ride during the finial hours of light.  I traveled 3 and 1/3 miles over a time period of 2 hours.  I had wanted there to be more snow, but winters here are not what they use to be.  None the less, I shaped off 318 pictures and of those I kept 23.  This ride wasn\'t nearly as chilly as my January 23rd ride.  I was actually a little warm and toward the end was scolding myself for now filling my water bottles.
   Productivity today was rater limited.  I\'ve been playing with the Dojo AJAX toolkit and made little progress in implementation.  Javascript is strange language.
   Sunset over the ice at at Riverside Park, Beloit, WI.
Caleb, 2/5/2006

Caleb, 2/5/2006

   An odd problem with DNS today.  Seemed every site I tried to go to wouldn\'t resolve at first.  Let it sit idle for a bit and try again, everything worked fine.  Strange.
   Caleb at JimJim\'s welcome home party.