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   Here is an experiment with macro-photography.  Sometime in June, our neighbor gave us a milk crate full of flowers.  Today, I had two in full bloom and decided to experiment with them.  It was so hot and humid outside that went I brought out my camera, my lenses immediately fogged up from having been air conditioned inside.  Despite the gross heat, I placed the flowers in full sunlight and played with large apertures and macro adapters.
   This picture has been taken with my 75-300mm lens using a 4x and 2x (so 6x) macro adapters.  The focal length is 140mm, which puts you insanely close.  Despite having an aperture of F/13, the depth of field is quote shallow and only the flower's stamens are in focus.  The shot itself was not easy to get.  Moving just slightly would knock the picture out of focus and the high zoom on such a small target meant shaky hands are a real pain.  However, the lens's image stabilizer helped a great deal with the shake, and I was happy with a good number of the shots I took.

Look-out at Big Hill's Park

Look-out at Big Hill's Park

   This is the view from the observation deck at Big Hill's Park with one alteration—both the Rock River Generating station and the Riverside Energy Center power plants have been removed.  Not since the early 1950ies has this uninterrupted view existed.  Clean up for the picture was very quick, despite having to redraw about 50% of the horizon. 

July 25, 2006

Javascript "escape" function

   Found a bug in some of my AJAX code.  I have a function called GetFormAsString, which, as the name might suggest, fetches all elements of a form and converts them into a string for a GET-style URL.  One of the places I used this code was in the gallery scripts to add comments to pictures.  There, I made an AJAX call each time a field was changed so there would be no need to submit the form before continuing onto an other picture.  I found, however, changing a picture who's file name had an ampersand made the picture disappear from the list.  After I discovered this, it didn't take long to realize why—the ampersand is a field separator in URL.  This led me to the Javascript function called escape().  After escaping the fields when building the URL, the AJAX code did what it was suppose to on all pictures.  (So Tyson, that should have fixed the problem you observed back in June.)
   A field of chopped hey.
   My initials are AAQ, so I decided to have a quick look around the net at what other things have the same acronym.
  •    Astronomical Association of Queensland
  •    Aquaculture Association of Queensland
  •    Association des Anesthésiologistes du Québec
  •    Animal Activism Queensland
  •    Academy of Aerospace Quality
  •    African American Quilters
  •    Alex Anderson Quilts
  •    Attitudes to Asthma Questionnaire
   So 3 Australian sites, 2 quilters, some French/Canadian anesthesiologists,  asthma and aerospace.  Neat.

Pictured is a flower in bloom at the Garage.  The neighbor gave us a milk-create setup as a flower bed, and so, I've tried (and managed) not to kill it.
   A couple days ago I started cleaning up the Gallery scripts so they would run as a standalone system.  The biggest part of this was the new comment system.  On, I merged the login system to the news login system.  That's fine, but I also wanted the gallery scripts to run without needing a separate login system.  It wasn't difficult to get that all running, but it was time consuming. 
   One thing I don't like about trying to debug AJAX is the fact I that most of the time the line numbers reported by Firefox's Javascript Console don't point to the right line—regardless of using "View source" of "view generated source".  It's a real pain to track down what the problem is because of this.  Of coarse, I've had years of experience doing development on embedded system, where I don't have any kind of display.  So it's a lot of adding check-points to see how far the code goes before there is a problem.  Still, a full javascript debugger would be a nice plug-in.
   Pictured is Stacy at coffee.
   An other set of powerful thunderstorms starting early this morning.  By 2:00am, the sky was very active.  The storm came in at least 3 waves, lasting well past 8:00am.  It was very impressive to behold.  I didn't bother trying to shoot this one however.  Heavy rain and winds, and most of the lightning was in the clouds.  I prefer to keep myself and my camera dry when shooting.  Besides, when your lens gets wet, you trash every picture after that until you dry it off.
   Took this picture last year in Indiana.

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