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   A willow tree at the park in Shopiere.  I used a polarizing filter that helped bring out the blue of the sky.

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From Ericasaurus Rex


January 22, 2008 at 6:21 PM

Simply beautiful.
   Took a 12 mile bike ride today.  Didn't really have a destination in mind and ended up in downtown Beloit. 
   Pictured is a view across the river by the High School.  I used my polarizing filter to help get proper exposure on the clouds.
   At long last, I added a search function to the gallery scripts.  I started on the advanced search (i.e. a search where each of the fields of the database could have a regular expression search), but I didn't finish.  An other day perhaps.
   Pictured is my Vinny cat, resting on my lap.  Vinny has two places she likes to be: outside and sitting in my lap.
Jake & Juliet

Jake & Juliet

   Read an article today about a photographer who was arrested for taking pictures of police activity with his cell-phone.  As a photographer, this bothers me.  With the record of police brutality, I would think that the law would welcome with open arms more people acting as independent media to get coverage of law enforcement similar to how major legal sports referees benefited from instant replays.  Seems to me having the event captured by a third party could be useful in cases when excessive force was claimed to have been used.  Aside from the possible benefits, as a photographer, I feel I have the right to take a picture of anything my eye glances.
   Pictured are Jake and Juliet at Amy's birthday dinner.
Amy J

Amy J

   Happy birthday Amy J.  To celebrate, Amy J., Zen, Jake, Juliet, Tyson, Laura and I went to out for sushi.   The temperature the last couple days (like, the last 14 days) has been miserably hot.  Close to 100 degrees in the shade and +95% humidity.  You step outside and it's instant sweet.  I won't even think about riding my bike when it's like this :(

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From Zen

August 02, 2006 at 8:15 AM

Wooo! I'm famous!