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French Bread

French Bread

   An irritation by Firefox 2.0: seems when you saved URLs no longer open correctly. The URL will request the HTML page, but all the content is local to the URL file-- which is pointless. It use to work fine, but this must be a "new fetcher". I can't imagine why you'd want to open a URL relative to some file on your hard drive. To get around this, I simple made redirect files. The saved URL links to those, which then immediately redirect the browser to the correct page.
   Pictured is my beautiful loaf of French bread. The picture doesn't quite do it justice, but even I was surprised at how good the loaf looked. The recipe I used called for basting the bread with an egg and cornmeal mixture, which made the crust really, really nice. With some whole grain spaghetti, boiled broccoli and a Romain lettuce with spinach salad, I had one tasty dinner.

November 02, 2006

So I'm not a good test taker...

   All the results of my exams are back, and for the most part, I did alright.  Anthropology, I landed a C, which would have been a high B if it had only been essay questions and no multiple choice.  Math I got an other B.  I was hoping to do better, but again, stupid mistakes and poor test taking skills.  In Art History, we didn't have an exam, but did have an other quiz.  I've been getting B's on all of these.  My history exam was the worst: an F.  Turns out I didn't even do the 2nd part of the test.  Too bad, since in talking to the professor, the part I did complete as worthy of an A.  It was all essay, which is my strong point.  My conclusions: even with all the effort I'm putting in, I suck at taking tests!
   Pictured is Roni.

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From Nathan


November 03, 2006 at 10:56 PM

dude, that sucks. My only B since I started taking school seriously was when I only turned in half of my exam. Not sure how the hell that happened. Its frustrating. Cool that you're doing all of that though. Sounds like you're taking neat classes.

November 01, 2006

Happy Furnace Monster Day

Furnace Monster

Furnace Monster

   Today is Furnace Monster day.  As is terdition at the Garage, the heat is not turned on until Furnace Monster day, November 1st.  According to Garage lore:

    The Furnace Monster is a vile and foul creature, feared the world round for it's fierce appetite.  It is said this monster feeds off the fats of the artificially beautiful—those who paint and bake their skin in an effort to mimic idols that only exist in print or projection.  Yet the people's of the Garage Crowd have come to embrace this fearsome beast as an icon of warmth and comfort.  The Furnace Monster is revered as almost god-like.  Rituals include wrapping one's self in a blanket and camping by the vents that lead to the fiery pits, waiting for burning to occur and enjoying the resulting heat.  Legend has it that the Furnace Monster has even produced offspring with one of the Crowd.  Each year, the Garage Crowd invokes the Furnace Monster on the first day of November.  It is said this includes sacrifices presented to the Furnace Monster by way of the illusive Garage basement.  In exchange for these sacrifices, the Furnace Monster provides heat for the Crowd.  Furnace Monster Day is one of the most auspicious events of the Crowd, up there with Cinco dé Mustache and Easter Fishing.

    Pictured is an ancient portrayal, personifying the Furnace Monster.