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Bread and lasagna

Bread and lasagna

    Tried to boot the Black Dragon today, and it didn't work.  The 80 gig boot hard drive has been going for years, but I guess it finally got around to dieing.
    Tonight I made a spinach lasagna, and it was good :)

February 25, 2007

An other stupid search engine

Andrew Que

Andrew Que

   An other stupid search engine playing around in the ratrap.  This time, one of microsoft's search engines.  Back on the 12th, Yahoo was playing around in the ratrap.  They stopped after a few days and my only guess is one of their systems messed up when fetching the robots.txt.  Now, most of the Yahoo IP space is off the blacklist.  This, however, seems to visit regularly and gets an IP address banned each time.  But unlike with Yahoo, it doesn't surprise me a microsoft search engine isn't doing what it's suppose to.
    Updated Apache to 2.2.4, PHP to 5.2.1 and OpenSSL to 0.9.8e.  Normally this is a no-brainier.  This time, Apache was complaining in the config process, saying "Cannot use an external APR-util with the bundled APR".  Took a minute or two on Google and I found adding the flag "--with-included-apr" took care of that.  With that, everything is up-to-date.
    Picture today is a self-portrait.  Other then being cropped and removing a shaving blemish, the picture isn't doctored in any way.  The effect was accomplished using a 5 second exposure and turning my head part way through the exposure.

    Fairly major snowstorm moved in today.  I check the radar several times through out the day, watching it swirl in.  The forecast called for 8-10 inches (20-25 cm) of snow.  I'm not sure how much we have at the moment, but it's at least 5 inches (13 cm).  I decided to take a few shots of the fresh snow before the plows come by.  I ended up with water on the lens, but kind of liked the lens flare it created.


    For some reason, I've decided playing the original Simcity for DOS is where the fun is at.  Naturally, as in most every game I play, I cheat something horrible.  So here's a nice cheat: In a hex editor, change the value at position 3108 to "7F".  The result: +2 billion dollars for funds.  I'm more interested in building a cool looking city-- not one that can support itself.  A trick I learned 15+ years ago, when I first started playing the game, as when using the 'FUND' cheat, you can avoid the earthquake punishment by using the cheat with the city paused.  Then, save the city and reload it.  The game won't remember you're due punishment for cheating.
    Calculus homework.  I took my first calc. exam last Friday and got it back yesterday, scoring a 89%.  I would have done better if I hadn't been rushed at the end, but the professor is allowing everyone to correct their mistakes to get back some more points.  I'm going to do this, since I actually figured out the last problem shortly after the exam was over (I was a couple minus sings off).
    Pictured is my homework—calculating derivatives and drawing tangent lines.  Visible is my trusty graphing calculator, who has been a great help.  It can calculate limits and derivatives as well as plot functions.  I use it a lot to check my answerers.  It's a good check to plot a tangent line for a point on a function with the function to see if you got it or not.
    So far, everything I have been learning is theory.  But I can see how it's going to help in physics applications.  Nothing like trigonometry yet, where I'm going home and using what I learned in class on a real-world problem.