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    I've stated in the past, I have a myspace account to post on other people's pages. It's also an interesting place to learn about the latest scams. Today I had a friend request the immediately looked suspicious. They were trying to pass off a porn star making a friend request. When you went to the person's page, it was just a link to a program with the message that the profile contained "adult material". The link goes to the site, which is registered to someone is Russia. The file is identified by AVG as "". Based on what I've read, the "downloader.zlob" strain of Trojan horse is listed as critical. So, I now have a new pet :)
    Got in my first real ride of the season.  Did a quick 10 mile loop over about an hour and had a look at the progress of spring.  There was a fairly steady headwind when I headed south, but it was a good ride.
    Tonight I made a successful attempt at re-dying some black denim jeans.  It bothered me that after about six months, my black pants would all be fairly faded, but the material in good shape.  So I decided to try re-dying them.  What I read about the dying process is that most faded items don't re-dye well because the the color is uneven.  However, since the color was straight black, I thought this might not be an issue.  It worked, and all my pants look brand new.  Yeah for stuff that works.
    Looking down the street at the house known as Church in Janesville, WI.
   So I downloaded over 37,000 viruses the other day.  It started when I received a virus in e-mail and added it to my collection.  But that only made two and I wanted more then that.  I found this site that had a huge collection with a bittorrent download.  As a collector of data, having a huge number of computer pests is a nice addition.
   There were some viruses in particular I wanted to have a look at: Zmist, a metamorphic virus that can rewrites itself each time it infects a file.  Although malicious, it was quite the software feat and really gave anti-virus writers a scare.
   Having some nasty little pets to play with, I decided to try some experiments.  I downloaded Bochs, an x86 emulator and set to work install a virtual environment for my bad bots to play.  Since the environment is completely self-contained, there's no risk of spreading the virus to any real data.  So far, it's proved to be painfully slow to get a nice virus vulnerable OS installed, but progress is being made.

April 15, 2007

Last night

    Ashley playing the part of Ronny, singing the song "White Boys".  This song solicited a great reaction from the audience, who several times during the song broke into cheering.
    I have to hand it to the cast.  They did great job on a show that I know was a lot of work.  I put in a large number of hours, but nothing I did was as demanding as what the cast had to do.  They really deserve credit for their performance and all the work it took to make that happen.  Also deserving of credit is Gene, the director who managed somehow to coordinate this entire project.  Callie, the choreographer who put in a lot of time to get people in sync.  Amber and Kayde who assembled costumes, including turning a pair of bluejeans for almost every cast member into something out of the 60ies.  And Talon and Brian, my right and left hand guys who built, spotted, cued and ran sound.

Pictures from the show are in two categories: Pictures taken by me, which are mostly practices and pictures taken by Tazz, which are from the actual performances.
Pictures from Hair
Pictures by Que
Pictures taken by me, which are mostly practices
Pictures by Tazz
Pictures from Saturday and Sunday's performances
NOTE: Some people have said they can not click on pictures in the galleries.  If this happens to you, try using Firefox as I believe the problem is related to some specific version of Internet Explorer.  I'll fix the problem when I figure out which version if IE doesn't want to work.

April 14, 2007

Night three

    Night three, and things continue to go well.  We were joined by photographer Tazz Davies of Legend Image photography, whom I shoot with often.  Since I have to concentrate on lighting cues, Tazz and Tami joined to take pictures of the performance.  It was an other quite full house, but a strong performance.  He and Tami shot through out the performance and the results can be view here.
    Pictured is Ben playing the part of Berger during one of the opening numbers.  The stage is under standard lighting with a follow spot on Ben.  The standard lighting was suppose to have more green on the stage, but the ERS kept burning up their green gels.  Finally I just gave up on them when I ran out of green gels to place over them.

April 13, 2007

Night two

    Night two, and all the corrects to my light cues have been made.  This time, everything is near perfect.  There are still some places were transitions are a bit uncertain. 
    Things started similar to yesterday: turning on navigation lights, putting back scrim strip lights, microphone check, sound effects check, ext., ext.  But once the announcement that the house doors are open, there really isn't much to do.  This is normally about 15 minutes of waiting, but was extended as people kept showing up in large groups.  We were delayed twice, but nearly filled the house.  Finally I was asked to cue house lights and everything began.  This time, the light cues were all correct.
    The cast preformed beautifully and I think last night really strengthened them as a group, because tonight they were excellent.  Pictured is Nicki singing a solo as her character Doinne.  The lighting for this scene is darker, warm and signifies the beginnings of the effects of hallucinogenic drugs.  The scrim (the background with shadows) slowly rotates between orange and yellow while the stage rotates between green, orange and red.  The significants is reality (green-- since they are in a park) is giving way to something more surreal.  An other interesting note is that the solo light on the center lever is only about 15-20%-- not much is needed.

April 12, 2007

Opening Night

    Opening night, and all the hours of preparation come down to this.  Talon and I ran around quite a bit to make sure everything was in order for the production.  This show was a lot more involved then the one acts-- more light cues, sound cues and follow spots.  The reality was, I had never run the light cues for act two and had only generally gone over them two days before.  Now, trial by fire.
    Turn out was pretty good for the first day of the show.  During act one, I ended up having an extra cue that delayed a light change, but no bit deal.  In act two, one of the cues ended up bringing up the house lights.  I didn't notice at first as I usually follow the script rather then look out the window.  The director came over the headset and asked why the house lights were coming up.  I quickly jumped back to the previous cue, made note of the error and skipped over the cue.  Aside from that, everything went pretty well.
    Pictured is Talon assisting Dylan with his microphone.

April 11, 2007

Delayed opening night

    This evening was suppose to be the opening night of UW-Rock's production of Hair.  However, a late winter storm threw a monkey wrench into that program and we had to cancel.
    Pictured is likely the last snow of the season.