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    I've cleaned up and posted by Average Hard Drive Price Last.  The list is updated twice a day (yeah Cron) and when I have enough samples, I'm going to add some functionality.  I've through about plotting price trends as well as adding highlights when drive prices are at their best.  But in the words of a physicist I use to work, "I need more data!".
    Pictured is Roni
    Today, my drive price tracking script found me really great deal: $105 for 500 gigs, which is about $0.21/gig.  The average low price is about $0.245/gig, so this was a good deal.  I snatched it up, and a few hour latter, the deal was gone.
    Pictured is Johnson.

April 23, 2007

Old IE bug comes back

    When I first started using alpha-layer PNG files, I found a hack that made them work in Internet Explorer.  But doing this produced some strange errors.  Links started not working in IE, and it was rather random which ones didn't.  Today, I ran across that problem again.  Looking back at this site (, I recalled why.  But the size list they have doesn't always work.  It appears that when IE had an alpha layer PNG file in a tag with a link, the dimensions of the cell effect weather or not the links will work.  It's only a guess, but I think anytime the background PNG is not an even divisible of the cell, the links don't work.  The work around is to make all background images 1x1.  This works fine for simple opacities.  But for other images, I simply have to omit them.
    I found out about this problem from people who were going to the site to look at my photography.  They were complaining they couldn't click on any of the links.  Figuring it was in Internet Explorer issue, I tried it myself.  Sure enough, some links just didn't work.  Others work fine.
    Image today is from my bike ride on Saturday.
New Spring Life

New Spring Life

    I took a 16 mile ride today down into South Beloit.  Like yesterday, there was a steady headwind heading south.  My speed going into Beloit was about 10 MPH.  On the return trip, I averaged about 15 MPH.  This is the first time I've been in downtown Beloit in months.
    Pictured is some of the signs of life returning to the trees after the winter rest.

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From Rob Dunham

April 23, 2007 at 6:42 PM

Sounds like a nice ride. I especially like the 'my world axis' shot. Thanks for the blast from the past pic. I think that would have been 97 for sure. I've only dyed my hair black once. And got a new drivers licence renewed after. I still have that same licence with a renewal sticker on the back. Point being, my licence was issued in 97.