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May 10, 2007

Will the studying never end!?!

Suck out my brain!

Suck out my brain!

    Day number who-knows-what of calculus finial exam studying.  At this point, if I can't integrate or differentiate it, I can't comprehend it.  Every time I sleep, I end up dreaming of calculus!  It's crazy!  I'm crazy!  So many numbers!!!
    On the plus side, I'm getting an "A" in calculus.  If I manage a 92% on this exam, I can hold it.  I've never managed to get higher then a 91%-- but that's not going to stop me from trying.  And truth be told, I understand all the calculus I've learned thus far.  I'm comfortable with it and I can make use of it.  So no matter what happens tomorrow, I've still learned a great deal.
    The picture today is fitting of my mood.  It was taken by Crystal at coffee several days ago.
    Today was the 6th Garage Crowd Cinco de Mustache.  We had a large turnout, 4 bands, food, fire and camping.  The wind made things a bit chilly, but it was a good time none the less.
    This evening was the Cinco de Mustache pre-party at the Garage.  We stoked up the grill, got a small fire going in the back yard and had a few people over.  A traditional Garage party lasts three days, starting with the pre-party.  The pre-party is much more casual and ends much earlier in the evening and gets people into the full party spirit.
    I've been doing so homework and studying for calculus, it's been invading my dream!  That's alright though, because I think I ended up with a good understanding of it.  This morning I had an exam and felt quite comfortable with how I did.  So maybe tonight I can dream of something else :)
    Nick, Ronnie and Amber pictured.

May 01, 2007

Arrival of 500 gig drive

    Our 500 gig drive showed up to day, ahead of schedule but most the more welcome.  Although the site I purchased the drive from listed the drive as new, this drive has defiantly been used judging from the cosmetics.  Never the less, it's 500 gigabytes.  In minutes, the drive was installed, formatted and receiving a couple hundred gigabytes of data.  The drive has been named "Hefer", since it's a heafty 1/2 terabyte.
    This drive upgrade puts our total storage capacity over 2,000 gigabytes.  Of that, well over 1,250 gigs are used.  500 gigs belong to the Black Dragon, which is typically off-line.  Most of that storage is backup.
    As the month of May kicks off, we hit a high around 82 F (27.8 C) degrees today.  Moving data around pushed the motherboard temperature to 120 F (49 C) and the CPUs hit 156 F (69 C).  The temperature inside the house was the same as outside, and clearly, the Red-Dragon wasn't dealing with it.  So, I removed the side and aimed a centrifugal fan at the CPUs.  In minutes, the temperatures dropped to 130 F (54 C) on the CPUs and 95 F (35 C) on the motherboard.  About all I can say is the heck with junky computer fans.
    Pictured is our auxiliary cooling fan.  On the low setting, the Red-Dragon sits at a very comfortabl temperature.