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June 04, 2007

Data Recovery

    Near catastrophe struck as all the pictures Tazz and I took on the 2nd were lost due to a software malfunction.  I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I suspect a bad USB interface.  Something happened that corrupted the directory structure and removed almost 2,000 images.  I hadn't done any data recovery since the MS-DOS days, but decided now was a good time to learn.  After several attempts , I was able to pull all the data off the drive that had been lost.  It appears most everything came through, although I know a couple images were lost. 
    Compact flash is cheap enough, our new plan is to simply have enough CF cards to not need to transfer anything to a hard drive during the shoots. 

June 03, 2007

29 years and counting

    My 29th birthday today.  Got drenched on a morning bike ride, which was actually kind of fun.  Added some functions to my photoblog script.  Spent the remainder of the day hanging out with friends and went to bed tired :)

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From Erin Rose Tollefsen (

Beloit, WI

June 06, 2007 at 6:19 PM

Happy belated birthday and thank you so much for the anniversary pic! We both love it! <3
    Busy day with Tazz taking photographs for a wedding in Roscoe.  It's always fun shooting with Tazz because I get to use his top of the line Canon L-series lenses.  Everything about them is great, from the smoothness of the mechanics to the clarity of the pictures it takes.  The only downside of doing wedding photography is the amount of time spent standing in dress shoes.  By the end of the day it's just painful. 
    As a second photographer, I concentrate on the non-formal shots.  I tend to take more abstract pictures, like the one for this post.  I also try and capture people as they experience the event rather then to having them pose.
Tazz, 6/1/2007

Tazz, 6/1/2007

    Pictured is Tazz, taken at his studio.  He and I spent the day together and discussed a wedding we're photographing tomorrow.  We also worked in his studio and I tried some shots with his setup.  I don't do as much with direct portraits as Tazz does and it was interesting to concentrate on it more.