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    Tazz, Tami and I spent the day in Milwaukee doing photography for a wedding.  After the last mishap with drive failures and the price of compact flash right now, Tazz decided to buy enough compact flash to shoot an entire wedding without needing to do transfers.  This is the first time I've really used my camera in RAW mode, and I ate through my 3 gigabytes of compact flash pretty quick.  Over the whole wedding, I think I shot 7 gigs of photos.
    The wedding event went well.  We had a nice backdrop that included the art museum, lake Michigan and some buildings along the shore line.  The heat was atrocious and I have a bit of sunburn on my face, but the last two thirds of the wedding happened indoors.  I spent much of the day shooting with Tazz's 70-200mm L-series lens, which is always a pleasure.  I learned, however, that lens and an external flash-- the camera weights a ton.  My hand was a little worn out by the end of the night.
    Started in the theater around noon and finished all the painting.  Today it started to look like a living room!  Unfortunately, my laptop is pretty much dead.  I tried to play some music while in the shop and it worked for about an hour.  Like it has been doing lately, the system started to lock up at random due to RAM issues.  I tried to move the RAM around-- taking out a chip and switching slots-- but that didn't seem to help.  My last attempt to boot failed as files needed by the operating system had become corrupt after the previous crash.  That's a nice run though... the Iron Dragon joined us in January of 2002.
    Pictured is the painted set with all the painting equipment still on stage.
    I was playing around the other day with a project that needed a custom color palette.  Long story short, I ended up needing a way to traverse a hue color wheel with near opposite. I figured the best way to do this is with star polygons. So, I decided to make a little script to generate star polygons. It still doesn't work great for a lot of even numbered polygon object. To the right is an SVG that has two 8 pointed star polygons, one of which is rotating.
    And in case anyone is wondering, South Park episode "Casa Bonita", Cartmen does a calculation when on a meteor will hit Earth.  Do the math and the answer 11 over pi plus 2.
    Started working in the theater at 1:00pm today and left around 9:15pm.  Gene, Elizabeth and I got a lot done.  Gene brought more wood so we could finish building flats.  After we did that, they were added to the set.  Gene taped seams and he and Elizabeth painted the lower half of the wall.  I framed in the doors and put a chair-rail around the set.  After everyone else left, I added some work lights in the wing areas so the actors are able to navigate.  I played around with light for awhile so see how much light was needed to navigate back stage and for the initial entry.  I found that just giving the lamps 10% above the stage provided enough light to walk the stage confidently, yet make it very hard to see from the house.  I also moved legs around to block off stray light from back stage.  I was surprised that even with bright light on back stage along the back wall, none of the light was visible from the house-- even when the everything is blacked out.
    I worked so late I didn't have time to see the fireworks display this year.  Instead, I took a neat picture of the sky.  The tops of the clouds still had some light on them, while the rest of the sky was fairly dark.

July 03, 2007

Intoducing: TetraVex

    My Javascript TetraVex is ready for the world.  I did a fair bit of cleanup and documentation.  Had some trouble implementing a timer class.  The function setTimeout do setup to be used inside of classes.  For now, I've held off on that aspect-- I only run one timer anyway.  Still, I would like something better.
    TetraVex now runs with IE.  Three things had to be done.  First, all tables created with DOM in IE require tbody in order to function.  A assume Firefox does this automatically. You can't use setAttribute for things such as colspan in IE.  And you have to use element.styleFloat instead of element.cssFloat.  Once adjusted, the game seems to work fine.

Pictured is the tool cabinet in the theater shop area.  I spent about an hour getting this organized and I've threatened extreme discomfort to anyone who messes it up.
    A view of the door I installed on the set today.  I'm not sure where this door came from, but I found it screwed shut in it's frame.  I had to beef the thing up before it would open and shut without falling apart.  I'm sure it was meant to be placed in the framing of a house, which we don't have.  So, I added 2x4 to the sides, and strips of 1x4 across the top and bottom.  That and some braces along the floor, the door was usable.  I also added some weight to the braces from the fly system, which really helped keep the fame in place-- thus making opening the shutting the door easier.
    The set is still short 4 flats, but we are out of wood to build more.  I had cut up some 1x12" boards from an old project into strips, but some of the strips broke into unusable lengths.  Wednesday I should have everything I need to continue.

July 01, 2007

Javascript TetraVex

    It was on the tip to Kansas City I started playing the game TetraVex that came with Ubuntu.  Didn't take long before I couldn't stop playing.  So, I decided to create a Javascript version.  Implementation went pretty quick... maybe 12 hours.  As usual, I spent a good deal of time looking for things relating to Javascript and DOM.  The game isn't totally finished yet, but fairly close.  I'd like to add more of a start/finish setup.  The code needs a lot of cleanup.  Thought about making everything class-based, but as things stand, it is not.  A little more information about how to play wouldn't be bad either.  And this probably only works in Firefox.  All changes For an other day though-- right now, it's good enough :)
    Pictured is a sunset from the other night.
    Set construction continues.  I went to the school today to find the building already locked up.  Lucky for me, there was a maintenance guy outside and he let me in.  (Those guys are so helpful... saved us a number of times)  I had about 3 hours to work before the building had to be closed up for the evening.  So, I cut a bunch of wood to build flats with and assembled a couple.  I have a good plan of how the set is going to be constructed.  Now, I just need some more time in the shop to make that happen.
    Pictured is my window frame and a 4' flat.  For now, I'm just using some weight from the fly system to hold things in place.  When the flats are hinged together, I should really need any supports because the shape of the room.