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    I added a fix to Columns which helps it run better in IE.  Turns out the borders didn't work because there was no data inside the table cells.  So, I added a non-breaking space to each cell.  This required I drop the font size of each cell down so the cell didn't change size.  I also found IE doesn't count border size as part of cell size, so I needed to subtract off the border width from the cell height.  That's an easy enough bandaid, since you can use _height in CSS and that is only picked up in IE.
    Kristy two years ago

    My XHTML suddenly started failing validation, all because I was missing xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en" in the <html> tag.  I've never had a problem omitting this before and found it strange that I should suddenly be required to have it.  Whatever... I have it now. 

    Pictured are Andy and Alicia, two years ago.

    In all the time we don't have, I wrote yet an other game.  This is a Javascript implementation of the 1991 Game Gear game Columns.  I've played that game many hours and for some reason through it'd be a good idea to make a Javascript version I could play anywhere.

    The game works in some browsers but not others.  I've tried Firefox and Opera, and it works flawlessly.  In IE it mostly works.  I've been told it doesn't work at all in Konqueror.  I'm usually able to work out most of the cross-browser issues pretty easily, but this game is proving to be much more difficult.  First of all, IE 6 doesn't work having CSS set borders on table cells.  The CSS is fine, but IE won't touch it.  IE also won't work right with the onkeydown/onkeyup events when you hold a key.  And lastly, IE really choked on the fading, rotating background image-- so in IE, I just disabled that fetcher. 
    The game is mostly finished.  Some cleanup needs to be done and I'd like to fix the cross browser issues.  But it works.  Play it and see what you think!
    Pictured is a missing tea cup
    My resume has been online for about 5 years, but other then search engines, I don't think anyone has ever looked at it.  Today I got a call from a consulting agency who found my resume online.  Since I'm looking to be jobbed out, I gave them a return call and all the information they need to find contracts for me.  So my web site might get me some work :)
    Pictured is a creak in Shopiere, WI
    Hits on the website hit over 220,000 for the month of July, averaging over 7,000 a day.  That's significantly higher then the 5 to 6 thousand a day we're use to getting.  Much of this traffic is the result of Tazz's web-site, which has been getting a great number of hits for people looking through wedding photos. has been getting increased traffic as well.  We're one of the only sources for information on how to remove a malicious Firefox plugin and the King's Quest walk-though has received double the number of searches as it usually does.  Visits a month has been on a steady increase as well.  Last November we were at around 13,000 visits a month and July saw over 41,000 visits.  I'm not sure if this disregards search engine traffic and it probably doesn't disregard spam bots.  Spam bots hit the site regularly trying to spam guest books.  None of those attempts work, but that doesn't stop them from trying.
    Pictured is Jake last year
    Today I studied, compiling notes for my finial exam in my History of the Atomic Bomb class.  I have a study group tomorrow at 2:30pm and I like to have a few pages of notes to go over.  I kept getting side tracked, reading about all kinds of things related to nuclear bombs such as the extreme toxic pollution caused by Plutonium refinement.  But that's what learning is all about--even if it's not on the test :)
    Pictured is my rose from being part of the play