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    A 180° panoramic view of the face of DS (aka Brandon).  This was part of a class project, in which we were to assembly a set of images into a panoramic view.  I've done this many times in the past and thought I'd try doing something a little different.  So this is a set of 6 images, representing a full 180° of DS's face.  It's a bit creepy, but it worked.
    Black and white image of Mandy.  I used strong contrast along with a selective soften filter.  The cropping was something I focused on, trying to take a bit of an unconventional approach.  For balance, I allowed the gray box on the left side of the image to stay.  In all, I'm pleased with the results.

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From Mandy

November 21, 2007 at 1:51 PM

Congrats, Que! You took a picture of me that I don't find hideous! :3 Yay! Nice job!
Light booth

Light booth

    Hiep Nguyen makes a good point about prayer--it can have a strong placebo effect. Anytime you believe or reinforce your belief with some action, your attitude and determination are effected. It like the story of 'The Little Engine That Could', who, while saying "I think I can. I think I can," was able to pull a train over a mountain. The lesson was clear: think positive and be optimistic and you'll get further. Prayer can help from this positive mindset--but the point I was trying to make is prayer can also be detrimental. If one relies on prayer alone, the effects can be quite bad if not dangerous.
    There are other ways to gain a positive mindset besides fooling yourself with prayer. For example, studying for a test has two benefits: you review information pertinent to the test (hopefully) and build your own self-confidence in your abilities to take the test. Eating a healthy meal before taking the test. Gives you healthy nourishment, gives you the feeling you've done some more preparation and, if you're like me, you feel good after eating something good for you.
    In general, any ritual that is done with the idea that some desired effect will result will generate a placebo effect. I once tutored a lady in algebra who didn't want to take her exam without having her "lucky bookmark". I knew from tutoring her that she knew the material well enough to do fine on the exam, but if having her charm makes her feel more mentally prepared, then fine. What I would advise against is not taking the test because she didn't have her charm, or not studying because she did. If prayer for you is the spoon full of sugar that helps pallet the proven medicine, or the pat on the back that gives you the confidence to take on a tough task, or if prayer is your way of verbally working through a problem; do it--but don't use it exclusively as a means to an end.
    Anyway, I appreciate your comments Hiep Nguyen and I hope I don't scare you away like I did poor Lisa Marie.

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From Lisa Marie


November 15, 2007 at 1:25 PM

Good afternoon Andrew....I'm sorry I have not commented to the things you said bad:( I hope you are doing well with school and all of your reading, photography, and looks like some fine bread making as well:o) worries, I wouldn't try to sway you to believe that Christ died for you....I can plainly see your thoughts and feelings towards the matter. I see that you've read the first 21 Books of the Bible (apx half way through the Old Testament?). Much of what you say is true...God is jealous....He also is "love"(see the Book of John NT)....however, you may find that statement quite contestable....I sincerely do not want to quarrel, however we both have our own "wills" or "rights" to peacefully agree to disagree:)Might I ask if you have continued on in your reading? Which Book are you in currently?.....Many people feel the Bible truley comes to life beginning in the 4 Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and least that is where we first see the disciples (among many others) face to face accounts with Jesus. If a person is a Believer, these four books really set the stage for faith, hope, and love.....after the Holy Spirit is gifted to the hearts of those whom follow, love and believe in the teachings of Christ. Now, one key to keep in mind is that the Truth, or the true intent of the New Testament teachings are veiled, or blind to all of thoes whom do not believe in takes faith to believe....I am glad you do not view Christians as ninnies;) I greatly respect the fact that you allow yourself to be "open" to discuss such seeming falicies....hence, not "open minded"...sorry if that compliment disarmed or confused you...I never meant it to be taken in a negative light. I truley hope you are having a fine day, and that classes and computer "gigs" are going well. Loaves of bread....hmmmm.....loaves and fishes....your loaf braiding looked quite professional...don't be such a perfectionist;) (I'm jesting honestly looked delicious...honest.). Have a fab week Andrew! Later....Lisa Marie PS...we could carry on quite a discussion over issues concerning prayer and "luck" as it were. I am sorry you see it as "good nourishment" (I do) . Prayer really is a fine medicine(if taken and understood properly) never does make promises to heal or to carry our our intentions, wishes or's all according to the will of God...not man's thoughts or wants.

From Lisa Marie


November 15, 2007 at 1:33 PM

OOOOOooooops....(type-o) in my "PS" I said..."I am sorry if you see it as "good nourishment" (I do). It meant to read: " I am sorry if you don't see it as "good nourishment" (I do)."...... now who's the "perfectionist" ;).....Just didn't want a misunderstanding there....sorry. Later again, Lisa Marie

From Lisa Marie


November 15, 2007 at 1:39 PM

LOL! :~D oh my!.....I put an "if" (between "sorry and you") in there where there was no "if's"....silly me :oP's a sllllooooowwwwww daaaay:) ~Lisa M

November 07, 2007

Student Preview

    Tonight was the student preview of the Shadow Box.  It went alright.  During the first act, the character Brian jumped a line and I turned off the interview light on him.  He back tracked and ended up delivering the line in the dark.  A couple of times I ended up hitting the "Hold" button, which is the same size and placed right next to the cue advance button.  Thus, the light cue didn't happen.  In one scene, the actors ended up delivering lines in a "back-lite" state until I noticed the cue hadn't advanced.  Wasn't my greatest performance on the light board, but the cast and show I think made up for that.
    Pictured are Elizabeth and Vinny.