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    Yet an other set of graphs for hard drive prices.  This one is dynamic and shows the prices of the top hard drives.  It selects three of the largest sizes and 3 more of the best priced drives.  Gives an idea of how fast prices are changing when compared to size.
    An attempt at creating a photograph like artist Saul Leiter.  This image is a reflection and has a few reflections inside of it.  My idea was to have an image with several divisions with each division having different attributes.  There is a hint of symbolism with the empty tree reflection on the head of the person in the foreground (Crystal).
    Part of a simple series I did this morning attempting to be somewhat abstract.  The background is used to create shape, while the foreground adds texture through refraction.
    It is the first day of December and a little like last year, December kicked off with a snow storm.  This year it was more ice then snow, but made for fun driving.  I do love winter :)

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From Wendy


December 09, 2007 at 5:13 PM

I really love this photo. Awesome!!
    Abstract Crystal--take 2.  This is for my digital photography class.  My first attempt didn't turn out as well as I wanted.  So, I tried again.  This time, I sub-divided in a less uniform manner.  Using powers of two, I sub-divided the face into the smallest increments and worked outward.  This is the result.  I'm a little happier with this one.
Comrade DS

Comrade DS

    Around March of 2006, I bought 4 LED night lights made by a company called Feit Electric--three NL1/LED and one NL5/LED lamps.  They were my solution to nighttime navigation around the Garage.  Being LED lights, they only consumed 0.3 watts when running and (in theory) the LEDs should have last years.  The runtime of LEDs should around 100,000 to 1,000,000 hours--between 10 110 years.  So I had expected great performance from these devices.  Not the case.
   In about 6 months, I noticed the night-light in the bathroom was about 1/2 it's initial strength.  It quite working at all some point last year.  The rest of them died at various times.  Today, not a single night light functions and none of them have for months.  So, around a year and a half yields 100% mortality of a $5.00 device that bragged it left forever, cut energy costs and save the environment.  My assessment: this product sucks.
   Perhaps when I have some time, I'll open one of these guys and see what exactly failed--the LED or the power supply.  But I need a new solution for night time navigation.