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    Today my 1 TB backup drive arrived, and it is beautiful.  My plans are to place this drive into a eSATA/USB enclosure and backup my Terabyte RAID array.  The enclosure should arrive soon.
    Hard drive prices are really great right now.   500 and 750 GB drives are both sitting at just below $0.17/gigabyte and 1000 GB drives are at $0.22/gig--and that's the average price.  If you need storage, now is the time.
    I picked up a 1000 GB drive for backups at $205--under $0.21/gig.  I plan on backing my entire RAID-5 array with it.

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From Ed

Beloit, Wi

April 15, 2008 at 4:14 PM

Very true. I have 1.6 TB in my system at the moment and will probably pick up more for backup.