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   My Vinny cat, laying on her back in my lap.  When I sit her this way, she proceeds to groom her belly profusely.  However, despite the look of discontent, she's just licking her mouth after an intense cleaning session.

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From ERica

January 02, 2009 at 4:03 PM

I love cats. They're my favorite, besides squirrels.

August 25, 2008

Water pump problems

   This evening I noticed a pool of water on the floor in the back room.  Seems the water pump sprung a leak in the hose that runs from the pump to the pressure tank.  Since this meant we would have no running water until I could get the unit repaired (everything was closed by the time the discovery was made), Sean and I rigged the system with a "plug" so we could fill a bucket.  This enabled us to flush the toilet. 
   The following day I set out to repair the pump.  I bought a new hose, a proper nipple and some new clamps and reassembled the whole thing.  After reading the directions on the side of the pressure tank, I found it should be pumped up with air to the cut in pressure of the pump pressure switch for the best water pressure.  The pressure in the take was about 10 PSI.  After doing a bit of reading, I found that standard water pressure in a house is around 60-75 PSI.  I'm not sure where the cut-in pressure was set, but 10 PSI seemed low. 
   I could have simply found a tire pump and went to town to get the pressure tank where it was suppose to be.  However, for a very long time I have wanted an air compressor.  Now I had an "excuse" to buy one.  For a long time, I considered getting one just for my truck's tires.  I've had problems keeping air in them ever since I got the truck and I'm always getting them resealed or putting air in them each morning.  Many times I've driven on tires with far too little air pressure in order to get to a gas station with an air pump.  So, now I have a tool to take care of that problem as well.
   The water pump is fixed and the pressure tank at around 30 PSI.  I found our pump can't get much above 40 PSI, so the 60-75 PSI most people get is not going to happen.  I found the water pump kicks on almost as soon as one turns on a water source and turns off shortly after the source is turned off.  The pressure does seem higher--especially the hot water--and that's a good thing.  The remainder of the day left on my blower fan to dry out the back room floor under the pump housing.


   Pictured are some tomatoes growing in the Garage garden.  I have a new found respect for tomato plants--they survived in our garden.  That has to be a punk rock point or two.

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From Liz

August 26, 2008 at 4:35 PM

if they can survive the Milton FFA who started them, they can live through almost anything.
Indigo Dragon

Indigo Dragon

   I started doing some software updates to the Indigo Dragon.  I turned the system off for the first time in close to a year to give it a physical cleaning.  There was a fair bit of dust on everything and I think the CPU fan could be replaced.  Once the system was booted again, I started with software updates.  I noticed the kernel was running a several versions behind.  I'm not sure why, so I decided to see about building a custom kernel (thus, bringing the system up-to-date).  After a long process (compiling the kernel takes awhile).  And when I tried to start the system.... didn't boot.  During the update process, I found a newer version of the kernel and marked that.  For the moment I've abandon the idea of a custom kernel. 
   As usual, the White Dragon ran the show while updates were taking place.  Not too bad for a computer that is 8 and a half years old.