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Me as Riff Raff

Me as Riff Raff

   Today was presentation day in my stagecraft class.  I did a 3d model of the theater.  It was suppose to be a lot more detailed, but I found a lot of short comings in Google Sketchup.  There are some strange quirks, and the more complex a drawing gets, the harder it becomes to draw new things.  To compensate for this, I decided to add a little "presentation."
   I started my presentation with a top-down view of the theatre.  This looked just like a blue-print--nothing too impressive.  I then turned on perspective correction and tilted the drawing so you could see the front of the building.  Then began a walk through.  All of this was very easy, but the initial transition is what sold people watching.  I'm pretty sure I'll get the grade :)
   The costume designer for the show was also in the class, and the costumes her project.  She presented the character Magenta and Riff Raff.  The actress who played Magenta was in the class, but Riff Raff was not.  I was asked to model the custom, and here I am.  Picture credit belongs to Liz.