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   It might be a while before I post pictures.  This evening, my camera started acting really strange.  As soon as I put the battery in it, the shuttle started snapping--even with the camera turned off.  I tried several things, but nothing seemed to work.  Once and awhile, I got the message "Err 99".  After some reading on the web, I found this is a fairly common problem with the 20D when the shutter system dies.  Seems the average cost of repair is around $200.  So the question is, repair or upgrade?

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From Talon

USS Enterprise The Mobile Chernoble

January 27, 2010 at 6:30 AM

UPGRADE! (if it isn't too late for my opinion)

From Erica Too Lazy Too Log in

January 31, 2010 at 5:27 PM

Moar liek "Dies Irae," amirite?
   Happy New Year!  Picture is Kelly and myself--not sure who took the shot though.

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From Steve

JanesHell, WI

January 28, 2010 at 3:58 PM

I'm thinking it might have been Crystal who took this shot. I know she was playing around with your camera at some point that night.


   Met up with Courtney in Madison, and latter Aidan.  We had some East African food for dinner, which I had never tried before.  But I was an instant fan, and will have to try that again sometime.
   We went out of Indian food this evening and met up with Tyson.  I then bought Tyson's old laptop off him.  Jai will get my old laptop (Tyson's old, old laptop) and I upgrade.  The new laptop is larger (I like a large system) and has a CPU with virtualization, which will be nice.
   Today Ollie and I cut a whole in the floor to fix this.  This sewer pipe has been dripping into the crawl space for some time now, but I couldn't get anyone to come to the house to look at it.  No one wanted to get into a crawl space with sewage, even if there was money involved.  I know very little about pluming and hate doing it.  I knew that from under the house I wouldn't be able to do anything.  So I crawled to where the leak was and drilled a hole through the floor.  Then Ollie cut out a section of floor so we could do some surgery.
   Turns out the leak was caused by a failed joint.  The pipe pulled out slightly, causing it to drip.  The setup in the picture shows our fix.  What I beleive happened is the pipe coming form the washer was unable to flex like the other pipes because that pipe goes through the king beam.  Thus, as the house heated and cooled, the pipe was stressed until the join gave out.  To fix this, we cut the bad pipe, re-glued the join, and then added a flexible coupling.  This coupling should take the stress of the house shifting around much better then the ridged pipe.
   We patched the whole in the floor, but now we need to clean up the linoleum.