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   The replacement drive for the Micro-Dragon arrived today.  Now begins the long process of setting it up.  Ubuntu went on much easier this time.  I used a USB drive rather then trying to install over the network.  The server end was up in no time.
Que and a Stretched Mouse

Que and a Stretched Mouse

   More work on landings, and I'm getting better.  My approaches are now pretty good--I am no longer dive-bombing the runway because of coming in too high.  My glide slope and speeds are good.  What I need to master is my hover and flare.  I like to level-off too high, and then not flare enough.  While this gets the plane on the ground, it's not as soft as it could be if I were to execute the procedure correctly.  My flight instructor pretty much stays quiet during my landings, and then offers pointers for how I could improve.  
   Between touch-and-goes we took a break to review: stalls and engine failures were on the list.  I feel pretty comfortable with the procedure for both of these, so we didn't spend too much time on it.  So my instructor decided to add something new into the mix: steep turns.
   None of my turns have exceeded 30 degrees of bank, but we can turn faster--much faster as I would quickly find out.  We did a 45 degree turn.  What is different is the addition of more engine power to maintain speed, and the use of the rudder.  When I first did this I was surprised at how fast the airplane was turning--it was really moving.  You are not suppose to watch the interments for this turn, so I had to look out the window and get comfortable with where the horizon was for a level turn--you don't want to loss altitude.
   I didn't get a perfect landing, but I was getting close.  More practice!
U-Rock Kids

U-Rock Kids

    Did a little work on the webserver hard drive.  I started by putting the drive into the Blue-Dragon and seeing what I could see.  The answer: not much.  I was unable to mount the drive so even run the SMART tools.  So I tried to do a basic sector-by-sector copy.  That didn't work out so well either.  The result: I can't get much off the dead drive.

September 22, 2010

Micro-Dragon Hard Drive Failure

   I noticed the website was acting a little strange this morning.  It didn't want to load the images on the page.  So I decided I would give Apache a restart.  But when I logged into the server, it failed to load much of anything.  So, I decided to give the server a reboot.  It never came back.
   It is my guess that the hard drive has died.  I'm not sure what kind of error it has, but it's bad.  I don't have time to work on it, and I don't have a backup server setup.  Do has to suffer through some down-time.
Humans vs Zombies

Humans vs Zombies

   Today was an other round of Humans Vs. Zombies.  I don't participate in competitive activities, but I had to come out for the event.  So I dressed in my medieval outfit.  My story: I was preparing to siege a castle be catapulting zombies over the wall.  But my mage got drunk and messed up the re-animate spell.  Instead of raising the dead, my mage sent me into the future to a location with undead.  So my goal was to collect a bunch of zombies and take them back with me this.  Time with my new mage Xix—my old mage didn't survive having his head placed on a pike.
   We consume a loaf of bread made of 5 cups in about 20 minutes--fresh bread just doesn't last.  So I decided trying an increase in the loaf size.  Pictured is an 11 cup loaf which I hope will last a little longer.  This is right at the edge of what my mixer can knead.
   Picture by Steve.