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   A small little project.  My sleeping quarters in Beloit has an exhaust fan the blows air out of the sleeping chamber. All of my new designs have used the fan to blow air in. The one benefit of blowing air into the chamber is when heating the chamber. A heater in the back by the air intake leads to the warm air being pushed forward. With the blower sucking air out, heated air gets sucked out and the front of the chamber is cooler than the rear.
   The older box design has the exhaust fan inside the sleeping chamber. To reverse the airflow direction, I built this housing to enclose the blower. This will make it possible to reverse the direction of airflow.

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From Elixa (http://@EmpressElixa)


February 26, 2013 at 11:25 PM

1 Speaking of, I can't find you on Google ! How are we going to be able to chat now?