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Xiphos Welding

Xiphos Welding

   Shortly after I returned from my trip I ordered some heavy-duty cable so we could power Xiphos' new welder from a 220 volt source.  After it arrived, I installed a 50 amp double pole breaker and used the giant cable to feed a NEMA 6-50 outlet.  The wire is huge and it was not easy to convince it to move around in the electrical panel.  The gage was so large I was concerned I wouldn't be able to connect the ground wire because none of the ground lugs were big enough.  Luckily, there was one large ground lug available in the breaker box.
   Today Xiphos decided to give the welder it's first test.  The two of us made some really ugly welds, and a lot of messy melted metal.  But one must start somewhere.  By the end of the experiment we managed to fix a metal clothing frame, and repair a tomato cage.