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October 01, 2013

Happy October!

   October has arrived, and right on time the leaves begin their color transformation for fall.  Took a bike ride today to explore the hill at Pheasant Branch Creek Conservancy just outside of Middleton in the Town of Springfield.  The trails leading to the hill top do not allow bikes, sadly.  They did, however, have bike racks on the trail edge so I could leave my bike and hike on foot.  I wanted to see what kind of view I had to the west from the hill top for a possible location for shooting lighting.  The view would is great, but I think the walk to the top of the hill might be too long to be a good location.  I did some 6 miles on bike, and an other mile on foot.  I took 177 pictures and proofed 26.  Hopefully I will be able to get out this fall and capture the color as it comes in.