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Wyvern's Haunt Page

Wyvern's Haunt
The page on the Wyvern's Haunt has been completed and place online.  It took a lot longer than expected due to getting side tracked a lot along the way, but it does have a nice outline of the area's design.
   Fall color started a little late this year and now in the first weeks of November we are getting full color.  Unforchently for me it has been both chilly and rainy, inhibiting my ability to get out and photograph the colors.
   Picture is Elmwood Park and some of our color from a lovely birch tree in the back yard.

November 01, 2013

Happy Birthday Amanda

   While finishing up the 3d model for the Wyvern's Haunt, I suddenly started working on drawing my old room at Park Place—the Dragon's Den.  I've since been rather fanatical in getting it accurate spending hour after hour doing research and adjustment.  Looking through pictures and rudimentary drawings of the layout I have managed to fairly faithfully produce a 3d model of the work area.  Once that was complete I scrutinize over exact details, paging though photo originals to find pictures were specific hidden areas were captured.  With the layout model fairly complete, I started going through 3d warehouse looking for models of items I had around the room.  Now with the model fairly complete I'm conemplating how to present this information.


   About 3 years ago I uploaded a bunch of models to 3D Warehouse.  My most popular item is a wall lamp with just over 1,600 downloads.  My next most popular item is an antique table with 800 downloads, then a door knob at 400 downloads, and a desk lamp at 260.  What is interesting is these items were all drawn very quickly.  The one model I spent a lot of time on was the grandfather clock, but it only has 250 downloads.  An other one that took awhile was a roll top desk, and it has only received 87 downloads--the second lowest on the list.  The lowest of all was a parlor lamp with 28 downloads.