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My camera contains a 128 GB SD card for storing pictures and video. I didn't need a card this big, but back when I was building the Sun Dragon I bought a 128 GB SD card rather than a micro SD card. Rather than return the card I decided to put it in my camera. This way I wouldn't have to worry about clearing off the camera to make room.

This was indeed the case. I've only cleared it off a couple of times (really, like 2 times), and not because I needed to. Currently my camera has 10,243 pictures on the card, but the camera estimates I should have over 7,600 pictures left. There is a problem though. I've noticed my camera is a little slow starting up and slow when playing back pictures. I doubt much optimization to the file system functions has been done, and this quantity is a bit much for the camera's computer. So I think I might clear it off. This hasn't been done since June.