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   After the sketchy weather looked clear enough for a ride.  I did a loop that brought me just south of Waunakee so I could travel along Merffert Road.  There were strong winds from the south east, but traveling west with this tailwind was quite nice.  After reaching highway 12 I headed a bit north and got on Kickaboo Road.  The wind turbines were all running, harvesting that solid breeze.  The sound they made was faint, but it was akin to the sound a jet makes when far overhead.  Unlike less windy days where there is a periodic whoosh, this sound was continuous.  The birds were louder than the wind turbine, but I tried to capture the sound using my the video of camera, but the wind turbine sound could not be discerned over the other sounds.
   I had about 45 minutes before sunset and decided to bike to Martinsville.  I had not approached the town from the east before.  After Martinsville I worked my way south east into the wind.  My route must have had decent wind breakers as my ride wasn't nearly as fast, but wasn't noticeably harder.  I logged 26 miles and burned 1,500 Calories.  This will have to make up for the fact I will likely not be cycling tomorrow on account of continuous rain.

May 08, 2016

Cinco De Mustache - Day 4

Make Cinco Great Again

Make Cinco Great Again

   The last day of Cinco De Mustache was like watching zombies slowly shuffling around attempting to clean.  Most everyone had abandon the scene except for a handful who didn't want to quit the celebration. 
   Pictured is presidential candidate Donald Trump who made a brief appearance at our party.  Sadly, his head exploded shortly after this picture was taken.  His innards were quickly removed—mostly things that were bad for you and people didn't really want.  My roommate had tried to purchases a Trump piñata online and found they were either sold-out or very expensive.  Cinco de Mayo (no relation) was celebrated just the other day by many Mexican families who often include a piñata.  Apparently many of these families had a strong desire to take a swing at a likeness of the republican candidate, thus depleting the piñata supply.  Lucky for us we have Pokie who made us one.

May 07, 2016

Cinco De Mustache - Day 3

   Day 3 started off for me at noon.  I was able to sleep after my 6:00 am shift was complete, and took a group of people across the street for an Indian buffet lunch.  This afternoon had several bands, two piñatas, fireballs, and a whole lot of people.  I was running around doing so many things I don't know that I finished a single conversation.
   Rode into work again today, but didn't put forth a lot of effort into the ride as my legs didn't have it.  This brings me to a total of 177 miles over the last 7 days, 12,623 Calories burned during 18.5 hours of riding and skating.  I had considered riding tomorrow, but with breakfast canceled and my body telling me I need some rest I've decided against it.  Tomorrow is a busy day, so I'll just have to be content with this new record for now.
   Here is a map of my cycling over the past 7 days.
   A ride to work today to make up for the fact I couldn't ride in yesterday.  Afterward I went rollerskating and found my legs just didn't want to do anymore.  I'm back to being in the records at 147 miles over the past 7 days, and 11,096 Calories burned in 16 hours of cycling and skating.

May 03, 2016

Happy Birthday Tara

   I had planned on riding to work today, but the weather forecast called for rain.  When I got home things looked clear enough to ride.  The winds were north west and so I decided that was my direction of initial travel.  I started by going to Martinsville via the airport, Schneider, Vossen, and K.  Once there I knew there was a road that would take me north to Indian Lake County Park, and I wanted to ride on it.  That was Whippoorwill Road which took me to 19.  There I turned west.  I could have turned back south on K, but I didn't want to backtrack.  So I continued on 19 through Marxville, and turned south on KP.  This turned out to be a fairly hilly road, and it also turned out that the winds had shifted from north west to south west.  So it was fairly slow going, but very pretty.  I went through the town of Berry, which isn't even labeled on the map, and found an old one room school built in the late 1800s.  KP took me south to just west of Cross Plains.  I snaked through Cross Plains until I reached Airport road.  I dislike biking to Cross Plains on Airport Road, but riding from Cross Plains is nice.  There are two fairly steep hills, but they are quick.  The rest of the ride is a gradual slow downward.  I now had a good tailwind and my speeds were pretty high.  This was good because I had decided I wanted to play fat kid again and having Indian food for dinner.  But to do this I would have to get back home before the restaurant closed.  With my tailwind I arrived back home in time to order takeout and gouged myself delicious food.  32 miles and 1,765 Calories burned.
   With the winds from the north east again, I decided to start out toward Waunakee again and see where I ended up.  I went out County Q and found myself on Woodland Drive, which I'm not sure I had ridden before.  That led west to highway 12 where I went south briefly before turning onto Kickaboo road.  Just past the first three wind turbines I turned south on Pahl Road, took that to Riles Road, and then turned south on Church Road to head into Ashton.  There I saw the church in the center of Ashton had the lights on and stopped for a couple shots.  It was now twilight and I managed to capture a shot of the church's lite rose window with some stars in the background.
   It was dark and my hands were chilly by the time I got back home, but I logged a 21.6 miles.
   Fairly windy and not all that warm, but I decided I wanted to eat at the Indian restaurant across the street and in order to earn this I needed to burn 1,500 Calories.  Winds were from the north east, so I decided start my ride in the direction of Waunakee.  After snaking my way there I started west with a good tailwind to help me along.  I reached Baltes Road and decided to take that to Kickaboo Road by the wind turbines.  West on Kickaboo I turned south on County P to look for Whiopoorwill Road.  This is labeled on the map and should take me to Martinsville.  The road was labeled "dead end" but I my map showed it went through.  Turns out that after about a half mile the road turns into a dirt road and some unfriendly women bluntly informed me the road was private and Google was wrong.  The road has no signs that mark it was private and I wish there was a good way to find such things out.  But I wanted to go to Martinsville, so I had no choice but to double back to P and try the other route using K.  After turning on K, I followed it to Martinsville Road, through Martinsville, and back to P.  Then took P to Highway 12 and followed the trail on 12 back to Middleton.
   My quick ride for which I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go turned into 34 miles, burning 1,800 Calories.  I was allowed to play fat kid and enjoyed my Indian dinner across the street.
   On my ride back I came across several men flying remote controlled gliders along a hill just off highway 12.  I had never seen this kind of radio control glider before, but it was fun to watch.  They used a series of dives, climbs and turns to keep their gliders airborne--only the wind kept them aloft.