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   Biked into work today, and on the way home I did the north side of Lake Mendota.  Along the way I thought that an other night of playing fat kid could be fun.  However, halfway into the ride I had only burned around 500 Calories.  That would mean I would only burn about 1,000 by the time my ride was over.  That is not enough to play.  So along County M, I turned north toward Westport, worked my way to Waunakee, and then west toward Springfield Corners.  I worked my way to the wind turbines, then Ashton, and then back home.  31.8 miles traveled, 1,573 Calories burned.  Operation fat kid was a go. 
   The only problem with this ride was near the end I had no energy left.  I think I burned off whatever energy I had and almost crawled through the remainder of the ride.  I shall have to consider this for next time.  However, I got to be a happy little fat kid.
   After I got home from work, I decided I wanted to play fat kid (i.e. eat at my favorite Indian restaurant).  So I jumped on my bike and did a 29.5 mile loop.  I started with Waunakee, then Springfield Corners, Martinsville, and then toward the airport back home.  That wasn't quite enough to get the 1,500 Calories required to play fat kid so I had to loop around the neighborhood a little at the end.  Afterward, I was good and hungry, but I got to eat myself into food coma.


   Trip to Watertown with Amber for skating this evening.  Amber had never seen a really good skating rink and I thought I'd show her the best one I know.  Although warm I was doing pretty good with my calorie burn.  But late into the evening, Amber's boot on her skates tore out.  We spent some time working out a replacement.  Still managed to get almost 2,000 Calories burned, which was my goal.
   Although hardly worth fixing, I decided rather than figuring out how to fit this broken chair into the garbage can I would fix it.  After drilling out the broken dowels, I put in new dowels, glued it up, and put it in clamps.  I expect I full recovery, although the chair will still be hideous.