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   Normally I take a half-day on Friday, but this week was short due to the holiday on Monday.  So I worked a full day and biked back on the north side of Lake Mendota.  I decided that Indian food sounded pretty good and did a few additional lazy laps around Pheasant Branch to obtain the Calories necessary.  I am wondering if humidity has a role in my cycling performance.  This evenings ride had a heartrate of 137 BPM, which is pretty miserable, unlike last week when I averaged 150 BPM on pretty much the same ride.  Sounds like I have data to track :)
   Skating this evening was almost torture.  It was so humid that I I noticed my heartrate holding around 100 BMP which is not even walking.  However, I had speed up by the end of the evening and managed to burn 1,000 Calories which is my goal for Wednesday skating.
Little Origami Bunny

Little Origami Bunny

   Dinner with Pokie this evening.  I showed her how to fold an origami bunny.  She then folder one half the size, and then half that size.  The result was impressively small. 

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From Lily

July 13, 2016 at 7:53 AM

Wow, really? I can't imagine someine making an origami that small. Did you use

<a href="">this</a> tutorial to make it?

   This is my front bike tire.  The rear tire was replaced last year because it was worse than this.  While I'm not entirely sure how many miles this tire has on it, I know it has to be more than 3,000.  Mountain bike tires typically have large knobs on the tire, but the knobs on the center are gone.  One day I will have to replace this tire too.  But I'm impressed at my ability to have done this to a bicycle tire simply by riding it.
   Zach and I went out on the canoe today.  The landlord left his canoe here and said we could use it as long as we got life jackets.  So Zach ordered those and today we tried it out.  We learned a few things on this trip.  First, we need to bring drinking water.  And second, it takes a long time to get anywhere in a canoe.  But it was fun and we'll do it again sometime.
   Biked to work today and on the ride home along the north shore of Lake Mendota I burned 1,299 Calories.  That's 301 Calories short of what it takes to play fat kid, and playing fat kid sounded really good.  So I sent Amber a message to see if she would go on a quick ride around Pheasant Breanch to burn off the remaining Calories.  That got ride of an additional 372 Calories, and a food coma followed.
   Not sure why today's ride around the north shore of the lake was so much more calorie intensive.  My average heartrate was 150 BPM, where this ride typically averages 140 BPM.  Not sure why I was so fired up, but I'll take it.

June 30, 2016

June cycling

   June has been an impressive month for cycling.  469.25 miles traveled over 49 hours, 33,775 Calories burn.  It breaks all records for any previous month.  Among them is 250 miles traveled over a 7 day period, and 76.3 miles traveled in a single day.  I cycled on 16 days, averaging 29.33 miles each of those days.  I got in a camping trip, and a two-way trip to Devil's Lake.  I covered a lot of new ground and a lot of ground in general.  June makes me happy.

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From Lily

July 14, 2016 at 3:32 AM

What app do you use to track your cycling path? I have written a marketing text one for a similar-looking app by a london agency ( ). I wonder whether it is the one.

From Andrew Que (

Middleton, WI

July 14, 2016 at 9:15 PM

I use OpenGPS tracker on my cellphone to track the rides, and then just import the results into Google Maps.

   The young morning over Lake Wingra from yesterday's bike ride.  Although I often don't stop to capture the moments, I do enjoy how pretty my ride into work can be.

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From Lily

July 11, 2016 at 9:38 AM

Wow, such beatiful sceneries. I am sure you ride was amazing