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February 04, 2017

AQ Graph Release

   After a fair bit of cleanup work, my Javascript graphing library AQ Graph is ready for the world.
Graph demo   The design of AQ Graph began more than 6 months ago after an experiment at work with HTML 5 canvases.  I had started the basics for a simple line graph but ended up not needing any graphing functionality on the project I was using.  Then some months ago I started working on some FFT code where I needed a Javascript graphing library.  In the past I have used my PHP library X/Y Plot, but I wanted someone that ran client-side rather than server-side.  So I decided to look into what I was going to use for work but never pursued.  The results are a very fast X/Y graphing library that work with large data sets.  As part of a (as yet unreleased) project called WaveLab, I finished the base implementation of the graphing library.  This project required two kinds of graphs: an X/Y plot, and a bar graph.  They were quite messy so I decided that before finishing WaveLab, I would finish the graphing library.  The finishing process involved taking the project specialized library and making it general purpose. 
   I kept the high speed of the X/Y graph and worked on cleaning up the division and labeling function, making them common between the X/Y and bar graph types.  The bar graphs needed the most work.  While fairly basic in terms of options, they are fully functional.  I also made them capable of running as stand-alone and AMD libraries.

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Chicago Skyline on Approach

Chicago Skyline on Approach

   Last day of the trip.  After our morning meetings and some lunch it was time to get back to Wisconsin.  It is hard taking picture out of an aircraft window at night because they are double-paned.  This produces a lot of glare form the inside lights.  But I did pull off a couple of good pictures of our approach to Chicago.  I ended up in bed around midnight and required to be awake at 5:00 am for breakfast tomorrow.  Going to be a groggy morning.
   I biked into work today only to find out the trip we've been trying to setup to travel out east culminated last night with a decision to travel today.  Since I was in Beloit for sushi, I didn't get the e-mail and found out shortly after arriving at work that we would need to travel that afternoon.  So, I worked until just before noon, cycled home, very quickly packed, and drove back to work.  The remainder of the day was spent traveling to Baltimore.
   Pictured are my coworkers and I having dinner during our travels.