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Fence in Need of Repair

Fence in Need of Repair

   This is my fence.  The entire backyard has a privacy fence, but it is so old all the posts have rotted at the bottoms and we have the wavy pattern pictured.  I shall have to get a quote for repair/replacement this summer.  Most of the work needed on the house is outside like this, and now that I am the owner I can go ahead and do it.

February 28, 2018

5,000 miles in 12 months

   Almost 40°F/4°C this morning on my ride in, but my ride home was at a near record February temperature of 57°F/14°C.  I rode home in shorts with thin leggings.  I have only used these leggings once before but they are perfect these temperatures.  Not quite shorts weather, but definitely not fleece pants weather either.  Tomorrow things cool off but what a ride today.
   This being the last day of the month brings my monthly total miles to 405.4 miles.  This is 11.3 miles shy of my goal but I took a week off to buy a house and I figure I will make up the lost miles this summer anyway.  However, I rode 187.0 miles more this month than I did in February last year.  In January this year I rode 429.5 miles which is 278.4 miles more than last year.  Those increased numbers mean my total for a 12 month period is 5,090.7 miles.  That is an average of 424.8 miles each month, or 13.9 miles every single day.
   My riding goal this year is to cycle at least 417 miles each month.  If I keep that up, I will have 5,000 miles for the entire year.  Right now the rides are just to and from work, but spring coming and as the weather warms I will start to add other rides.  All winter I have been pulling more than 400 miles a month (until January more than 500/month).  The back-to-back rides used to fatigue too much to sustain them for any period of time.  Not the case anymore as I can ride 28 miles a day for 5 days in a row.  I'm guessing I could do more but I'm not motivated enough in the cold weather to try.  Latter this spring I will likely find out what I can do.
   The ride into work this morning was 28°F/-2°C and quite comfortable to make in my fleece shirt and pants.  Wearing lite clothing does two things: provides less restriction, and more ventilation.  That means I move faster and sweat less.  The difference from a day when I can't wear such lite gear is very noticeable.  Sometimes I forget I enjoy cycling.  While I can ride in cold weather it isn't all enjoyable.  Once you get the credit for the cold ride the rest is just a chore.
   The ride home was quite warm for February at 50°F/10°C.  There were strong winds but at this temperature the ride is comfortable.  Tomorrow is also forecast to be unseasonably warm and the rest of the week slightly warmer than average.
   The former owners of the Elmwood Park had lived here since 1991 and raised their children in this house.  The kids are now all grown and Elmwood Park had been rented for the last several years while the former owners lived in a much smaller house about a block away.  They had requested a finial walk through of the house to say goodbye to the place—a request I was happy to oblige.  After they left I found this message on our blackboard wall.  It reads "Thanks for living this house!"  Makes me smile, because I do love this house.
   Tony (Ben) at his bar.  We happen to just stock items like four and eight foot lengths of 2x12".  So when it came time to build shelve to hold several bottles of liquid we didn't have to worry about weight restrictions.  I ran two eight foot sections of 2x12 from floor the ceiling.  Our ceilings are around 9 feet tall.  I used the truss system to brace the runners.  Then two pieces of 4 foot 2x12 and two 1 foot stubs of 2x4 to brace them made the shelve.  A couple of drywall screws and the setup was solid.  Even broke out the level to make sure everything was lined up.  A couple bed sheets and a lot of bottles dressed the setup well.  Even through a florescent light fixture under the shelve to provide working light behind the bar.  Went up quick, came down quick, served all night without issue.
   A wet 34°F/1°C for my ride into work.  I wore my rain gear and designed some classy custom cycling shoe covers—plastic shopping bags with several rubber bands.  The getup kept me mostly dry.  My feet were not soaked, but I sweat so much in my rain gear I was I'm not sure the jacket did much good.  The ride home was forecast to have rain, but there really wasn't any.